Discover the secrets to building an Eagle business! When you reach this pivotal point in your business, there’s so much potential you are ready to unleash. Join us for Eagle Manager Boot Camp 2016 to learn how you can earn your wings.

Do you know the power Eagle Manager has on your business? When you reach Eagle Manager, you are among the FBOs around the world who are dedicated to building their business and helping others look better and feel better. Eagle opens the doors for more success, rewards and potential! Each year, Eagles travel to exotic destinations around the world for Eagle Manager’s Retreat for in-depth training, networking and of course, some fun with like-minded business owners!

Join Forever North America for a four-day online training event to help guide you on your path to earning your wings and getting to this exciting moment in your Forever journey. Eagle Manager Boot Camp is going digital this year, so you can participate from wherever you are. Learn why Eagle Manager is important for your business, how to reach this incentive and how to keep the momentum going year after year.