Around the World with the Lepki's

Oliver Lepki's life hasn't always been on a clear path to success. Born in Bosnia, the Toronto resident immigrated to Canada through Germany when the war broke out in his country because fighting others about religion wasn't something he wanted to do.  

One could say that this decision was just the beginning of an adventure that would take him around the world. 

Building a Senior Manager Business with Forever

Eight years ago, Oliver and Olivera Lepki found the Forever Opportunity. When his web development business began to decline, Oliver searched for other opportunities to make an extra income. He came across the network marketing concept and knew it was something he wanted to pursue.  

Sifting through the hundreds of networking companies in the world, he found 12 of the best companies to compare and ultimately, choose one to join. Each company was put to the test and eliminated by elements such as, price to join, quality of customer service and availability and quality of products. That's how Oliver found Forever - what he says was the best opportunity and still is to this day. 

Through his background, Oliver says there is one way he has been able to excel in this business that has made him unique, helped him reach Senior Manager and qualify for Global Rally and Eagle Manager. "It is the knowledge of web design and online marketing. Just as I was looking for an opportunity, it was the most beneficial way others who were also looking for this opportunity could easily find me. Once they find me, I am able to build a relationship and a business the traditional way because the personal touch is so much more important than just the online one." 

Traveling Around the World

Taking a leap of faith, whether it be in a new business venture or sharing the opportunity with someone new, has never been hard for the Lepki's. "Everyone says it would be nice to travel the world, but you have to have guts to actually take that step." 

On their travels home from the 2016 Global Rally in Johannesburg, the family made a stop in Barcelona and realized how much they had yet to see in the world. Unfortunately, not long after, tragedy struck their family.  One of Oliver's young cousins passed away leading to a wake-up moment for the family. It triggered them to think about how life is not guaranteed and it can come and go - fast. For the Lepki's, giving their children an opportunity to see the world is something that became an important part of their story.

Having the opportunity to travel the world with Forever, Oliver and Olivera have come to learn how much experiencing other cultures and seeing new places can enrich life. With a mission to live life to the fullest, experience every bit of culture they can and to share Forever with as many people as possible, the Lepki's said, "Why not?" So, they made the decision to take their children on a six month journey around the world, visiting as many countries as they could. 

"We want to take this trip with our kids to connect with them and show them the world. This opportunity is something nobody will ever be able to take away from them." 


So glad I found this carryon, now I don't have to bring the globe  with me .

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The Journey

Equipped with plenty of luggage and two notebooks for their sons, Mario and Nicolas, to journal each day, they packed everything they need to jet off for six months around the world. 

Kicking off their trip at the Forever Experience in Arizona, the Lepki's were able to gain some inspiration for their business, show their children the exciting opportunity they are a part of and feel inspired as they start their travels across the world. 

They have two stops booked - Hawaii and Australia. After that, who knows where you'll find them next! "It is very spontaneous, we have tickets to Australia, then whatever we feel like. If we like it, we stay longer. If we don't like it, then we will pick up and go." 

Some of the stops the Lepki's are hoping to make on their travels include Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Malta, Israel, Morocco, Serbia, Bosnia and all the way up to the Scandinavian countries and more! 

Of course, they will also make a stop at Global Rally in Dubai! "It's like nothing you have ever experienced before." Olivera's last trip to Dubai was when she was pregnant with her eldest son, Nicolas. She reminisced about the beauty and unique luxury that the city offers. "It's the city I'm looking forward to visiting the most." 

As for the boys, they are looking forward to taking the next six months to travel, but are especially excited to see a few things that are personal to them. Mario is excited to visit Spain and see the home of his favorite football (soccer) team - FC Barcelona and of course, his favorite player, Neymar. Nicolas can't wait for the stop in Finland, where he will be able to see a school mate that recently moved there from Canada.

Building Forever Along the Way

Along the way, the Lepki's say they absolutely can't wait to share the Forever products and Opportunity. Having the flexibility to take their business on the road is one of their favorite benefits and is absolutely one of the reasons they are able to take this trip. 

Already, the Lepkis have taken Hawaii, where they have met up with other North America FBOs and spent some time learning the culture of the islands. Their next stop is Australia, where they will do some sightseeing and possibly take a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne. 



Keep an eye out on their journey checking out the hashtag #LepkisJourney on Instagram and Facebook. Get inspired! Where will they go next? 

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