Breaking Free of the 9-to-5: Ricardo Lopez and Noemi Martinez

Before Forever Living, Ricardo Lopez and Noemi Martinez had what they refer to as regular, 9-to-5 jobs. Ricardo worked in construction, Noemi in a hospital. “I was tired of working in a routine job. Every day was the same,” says Noemi. 

In life, sometimes when you meet someone, or hear about an opportunity – it just clicks. For Ricardo and Noemi, that was Forever Living. “The very moment I heard of Forever, I thought the opportunity could make all my dreams come true,” remembers Noemi. “The lifestyle that we could accomplish was something that a regular job could never help me accomplish. The thought of being free like an eagle was enough to convince me to give Forever Living a try.”

The Forever Living opportunity and world-class products are easy to fall in love with, especially the thought of becoming independent and breaking free of the daily monotony – but success doesn’t come easy.

“Our biggest challenge was the transition from being an employee to an FBO. It was challenging to approach and talk to people about the opportunity, it’s something we didn’t have much experience with at first and we struggled,” says Ricardo. “It’s hard to start, but it’s not impossible. With time, we found our footing and started to grow our business.”

Ricardo and Noemi were quickly gaining momentum, and were fueled as they found that they were becoming financially independent of their 9-to-5 jobs. “The first hurdle was becoming a Manager, after that everything seems attainable,” says Noemi.

Their toughest obstacle cleared, Ricardo and Noemi qualified for the Forever2Drive incentive and now opt to drive new cars every year, no longer burdened by cars that constantly have issues and break down.

As their team grew, Ricardo and Noemi began traveling the world and experiencing the great joy that comes with teaching others how to grow their own business. Not surprisingly, they’ve found hundreds of people who have a similar mindset and are ready to become their own boss and enjoy working without something telling them what to do.

“We set our own hours,” says Ricardo and Noemi. “We love the freedom Forever Living gives us to work the way we do. It’s different than before. Our way of living and thinking changed when we transitioned from employees to FBOs. The people around us treated us as if we were crazy but we’re so glad that we never stopped. The way we live now has made them all view the opportunity differently and serves as an example of how far Forever can take you.”

3 tips on how to transition from a 9-to-5 job to a full-time FBO:

1. Make a plan to qualify for the Forever2Drive incentive. It’s key to growing your business.

2. It’s not easy and you’ll face many obstacles, but don’t let hard work get you down. The feeling when you reach the pinnacle and achieve your dream makes it all worth it.

3. Don’t get discouraged. People will try to bring you down, you need to push past them and continue on your path to success.

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