Can We Write You a Check?

Can you believe 2016 is already halfway gone? We know you have already accomplished so much in these six months, but are you on track for one of the most amazing incentives in the Forever marketing plan – Chairman’s Bonus?

Why Chairman's Bonus?

Each year, the Chairman’s Bonus program pays back 3% of our global revenue to leaders and business builders to reward them for their hard work. This translates to millions paid back to our FBOs on top of their regular income! You can qualify at Level 1, Levels 1 and 2 or even at all three levels for even bigger rewards. 

At this year’s Global Rally, we gave out more than $26 million USD with our top three checks exceeding $1 million USD each!

Core Requirements

To earn a Chairman's Bonus check, you must be active each month during the year, January 1 – December 31, be Leadership Bonus qualified and be qualified for Earned Incentive, Forever2Drive.

To understand the fine print, check out our Company Policies.

Three Levels to Qualify

Achieving Level 1 is just the beginning for many people. Imagine the rewards when you can build a business at this level! 

To qualify at Level 1, you need: 

  • 700 Personal and Non-Manager Case Credits (CCs)
  • Of the 700 CCs, 150 CCs have to be new
  • One downline manager with 600 CCs in the country you qualify OR one downline Chairman’s Bonus qualifying Manager in any country

When you achieve Level 2, you’re not only receiving a larger check, but you’re building a deep business with more downline Chairman’s Bonus Managers on your team. This means you're helping more people!  

To qualify at Level 2, you need: 

  • 600 Personal and Non-Manager CCs
  • Of the 600, 100 CCs have to be new
  • Three downline Chairman’s Bonus Managers in any country

At Level 3, you are earning more shares of the Chairman’s Bonus pool and truly developing a team that is leading the Forever world. This is where your check can really add up!  

To Qualify at Level 3, you need: 

  • 500 Personal and Non-Manager CCs
  • Of the 500, 100 CCs have to be new
  • Six downline Chairman’s Bonus Managers in any country

Need an even bigger incentive?

Everyone who earns a Chairman's Bonus check automatically qualifies to attend Global Rally at an exotic destination around the world to collect their check!  Not only does Forever cover your airfare, lodging and meals, they even give you extra spending money! It doesn't get much better than that!

So, what does all of this mean to you?  Since we are halfway through the year, you can clearly see if you are on track to qualify for Chairman's Bonus!  Which level would you qualify for if you doubled your business from the first six months of 2016?  

Not on track? No problem! Now is the time to get to work! Determine how many CCs you will need in the next six months and determine what you need to accomplish each month, week and day to get you to your goal!

During Global Rally, Forever hands out millions in Chairman’s Bonus checks - now's the time to make sure your name is on one of them! 

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