Qualification for #EMR17 is just about to begin. Are you ready to rock the boat on this exciting cruise through the Mediterranean?

Well, get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Imagine a cruise ship sailing down the Mediterranean with hundreds of FBOs on board! Now that’s an adventure you won’t forget!

On board, you’ll have access to world-class training and networking from Forever's elite. It will feel like a Forever home away from home. Best yet, you’ll stop in three of Europe’s most beautiful cities, including Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Rome.

Eagle Managers represent the FBOs around the world who are dedicated to building their businesses and helping others look better and feel better. Your business will soar when you’ve reached this incredible incentive, so learn how you can become an Eagle.

Qualification for Eagle Manager runs May 1 - April 31. Start working toward this goal today! If you haven’t already, head to the Events Training

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