Finding Forever

Shane Keegan has been a fan of Forever for… well, forever. Born in Ireland, Shane was first introduced to Forever through his parents, Paddy & Pauline Keegan, who have been a part of the Forever family for more than 25 years.

A self-starting entrepreneur, Shane opened a distribution company in 1997, employing just one person: himself. Over the next 20 years, he was able to grow his business into a multi-million-dollar organization with more than 35 employees, serving big name clients like Walmart, Target, CVS, UBS Bank, Disney, The Franklin Mint and QVC, just to name a few. In addition to distribution, his company was also involved in product refurbishing which included engineering “fixes” for products that arrived in the USA manufactured incorrectly.

As Shane explains, along with incredible success, his business also came with difficulties and a ton of added pressure. “I loved the business and the challenges, but as much as I made a great income, I was never free.”

It wasn’t until a trip back home in 2014 that he realized working with Forever could offer him the life he always wanted. “I was well-aware of Forever at the time, I even went to the Global Rallies in D.C, Hawaii and London. I honestly loved the life Forever had given my parents.”

The Turning Point

During a month-long adventure back home with his parents, Shane finally experienced their lifestyle for the first time. “It was a long period to be home with them and I was really intrigued by the way they lived and the freedom they enjoyed.” He was so interested, he returned to Ireland the following year and requested they allow him to tag along to their FBO meetings.

During this trip, Shane attended two FBO meetings that triggered a turning point in his life. “The first one was in the home of a widow who had lost her husband a year earlier, and the second was in the home of a family with a special needs child. Both ladies talked about the hope that Forever had given them. How they now had a new hope in their lives because of Forever.” He realized that Forever wasn’t just about making money, it also offered people hope and a chance to change their lives.

Shane immediately called a business broker and made plans to sell his company and pursue a future with Forever. After selling the company in May 2016, he spent several months transitioning and was finally able to dedicate himself full-time to Forever by October. 

Starting a Lifelong Journey with Forever

After only being in business for a few months, Shane was able to sponsor three Assistant Managers and qualify for the Forever Experience by being in the Top 20. By the end of January 2017, he achieved Manager!

“Getting to Manager is sort of like getting your driver’s license in Forever. You now have permission to go anywhere. And I know where I want to go!” Shane doesn’t want to stop there – he knows that qualifying for Manager is just the first step in his career with Forever. 

His latest achievement includes qualifying for Level 1 of the Network Marketing Professional Incentive within the first three months of its inception.

The Value of Freedom

Over the span of his professional career, Shane has learned that freedom is a powerful, and very rare, commodity. The more he interacts with people and learns about this industry, the more he realizes that very few people have total freedom when it comes to their job. “I worked in my own business for a long time. I made a great income, and lived a great life. But I never had freedom – real, true, honest freedom.”

Shane is confident that Forever provides freedom to those willing to work hard and believe they can achieve greatness. As long as you stay committed, you will be successful. “This is a business, and if you treat it like a business, you’ll achieve success. You can work Forever full-time or part-time but, you can’t work it spare-time.”

One of the things that Shane believes is the most powerful aspects about this company is the minimal upfront investment required when beginning. However, he urges current and future FBOs to consider this as an opportunity and to not take it for granted.  “Don’t be fooled by the price tag, this business can change your life dramatically but, you must treat it like a business.”

Shane’s Goals with Forever

Along with becoming the #1 FBO in North America, Shane hopes to achieve a very special, personal goal: buying his mother a red Mercedes to show his appreciation for this life-changing experience. He also hopes to give back by creating sustainable programs in the Philippines with his “60x60” plan. “My goal is to be helping 60,000 Filipinos on a daily basis by the time I’m 60. Forever will provide a way to accomplish this.”

Five Tips to Achieve Success with Forever

To help achieve his goals with Forever, Shane abides by these five tips on a daily basis:

1. Write down your goals. Your “why” will propel your “how”, but you MUST write them down.

2. Purposely work on your mind every single day. Read a lot of books and listen to a lot of personal development audiobooks and podcasts.

3. Educate yourself about your products, your marketing plan and your industry.

4. Work on the skills you need but don’t have yet, and practice them every day.  

5. Use the products. Build a retail business. Sponsor more people.