A Personal Victory

Alecs Escobar lost 24 pounds during the F.I.T. Challenge, but it wasn’t about what she lost. Alecs found inner confidence and a whole new reason to smile!

When she was younger, Alecs felt incredibly confident. “I thought I was going to be the next plus-sized Victoria’s Secret model,” she shares. “It wasn’t until I got a bit older that I realized that how I saw myself and how I felt on the inside wasn’t what other people saw.”

As Alecs got older, she became more self-conscious about how she looked. “I had always been very social,” she explains. “I loved spending time with friends. But as time passed, I can remember making excuses to avoid going to the beach with my friends because I didn’t want to have to wear a swimming suit.”

After her father had an incredible experience with Vital 5, the F.I.T. Challenge was announced and Alecs knew her opportunity had arrived. She smiles and nods along in agreement when she tells us, “I’ve always been really competitive so I knew that would be the extra motivation I would need!”

Over the course of the 100 day F.I.T. Challenge, Alecs lost 24 pounds – but what she gained was even greater. “Now, how I look on the outside truly matches how I feel on the inside,” she says. And, you can tell it’s true because when you see her, she is always smiling!

Watch Alecs’s I Am Forever F.I.T. Video here.

I Am Forever F.I.T. - Alecs Escobar from Discover Forever on Vimeo.

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