Forever Gives Rhodora and Manuel Banasihan New Life

Rhodora and Manuel Banasihan never could have dreamed they would be traveling the world and leading people to success with their business a few years ago. In fact, it almost seemed like their journey to find Forever and become Senior Managers was preceded by a series of unfortunate events. 

Living in Ewa Beach, Hawaii with a family of eight wasn't easy, especially on the salary of two state employees. The Banasihans made enough to get by, but like many Americans, found themselves living paycheck to paycheck.

In 2009, Rhodora says their family was hit especially hard by the recession. “We almost faced foreclosure. We had so many debts from creditors.” The stress was astronomical. “Manuel and I kept thinking of what else we could do to have peace of mind and stop the financial hardship our family was going through. It was a crazy time. We prayed that we’d find what we needed each day to survive as a family, together.” 

Rhodora and Manuel say they were familiar with the concept of network marketing, but their success was lacking. “We worked hard and did all kinds of network marketing, yet it didn’t help us enough to cover our family’s daily expenses,” says Rhodora. “Despite all the hard work, it seemed like there was something missing. Something wrong with our financial strategy. I kept asking myself, Why? Even with our hard work, why is this still not right for my family?”

Frustrated and growing desperate, the Forever business opportunity came into Rhodora and Manuel’s life at just the right time. In 2013, they were introduced to the company by Josie Viduya and Arlene Calinao. “It was perfect timing,” explains Rhodora. 

A Real Business Opportunity

Rhodora found herself enthusiastic and determined with the roadmap and line of products that Forever presented her and her husband. “I was so excited to start the business. I loved how the products helped people look and feel better. I felt so truly thankful to have finally found this real business opportunity,” remembers Rhodora. It wasn’t an instant success, and Rhodora and Manuel say they put in long hours and serious commitment to their business. “My husband and I really worked hard with the time looping from night into day. Forever was developing my personality. It encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I had always been afraid to do. I began socializing with people from different backgrounds and fought my fears of public speaking.”

As her Forever business grows, so does Rhodora. “I’ve learned so much and matured when it comes to decision-making with my team members. My leadership ability has come out naturally - I never thought I could be a leader! I have so much fun in this business and I really enjoy working with my team.”

The success of the Banasihan’s business has brought a lot of positive changes to their lives. “Forever has helped improve my family’s health and at the same time, it has provided full-time income to cover our monthly mortgage. We’re no longer living paycheck to paycheck and has helped me pay my bills ahead of time,” says Rhodora.

From reaching the first level of the Forever2Drive Incentive to Eagle Manager trips to the Mexican Riviera, Greece, Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Rome, the Banasihan’s have been on a wild ride with Forever. The couple lists their recent trip to Forever Global Rally in Dubai as one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives.

Discovering the Values of Leaders

Years of being uncertain about their future have transformed into days of being eager for their next adventure. Even through the challenges they experienced in their past, the Banasihan's have never backed down or given up. They've embraced the value of teamwork and patience. Perseverance has truly been their strongest ally, leading them to a life they could have never dreamed of before. By being fearless with their business, they've become strong leaders in the Forever community.  

Rhodora explains there are three important factors to continuing success with Forever - helping others, working hard and duplicating the process.  "I feel good when I help my team members, and it helps my business." Whether it's helping their own downline or helping someone else's, the Banasihan's have learned how putting energy and time into helping others helps them find more success. The future only gets brighter from here for the Banasihan's. 

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