From Struggle to Success: The Altaf Badal Story

Altaf Badal was born in the small village of Raichur, in the Karnataka state in India. The youngest of five children, he was born into a humble household, and his father tragically lost his life when Altaf was just nine years old.

“My family was financially very weak at that time,” remembers Altaf. “Growing up, I would get up very early before anyone else was awake. There was a workshop next to my house and I would collect scrap metal pieces which were left over.” 

Altaf explains that he’d do this early in the morning to not bring shame to his family, and would later sell these small pieces of metal for $0.03 USD and if he was lucky, $0.05 USD a piece. “I never dreamt of becoming a doctor, or an engineer, or any professional job when I was a child. I just wanted an opportunity to come to the USA, the land of opportunity,” says Altaf.  

Finding a Foothold in the States

After coming to the United States, Altaf studied Telecommunications Management at Devry, and was able to find a position as a Copier Salesman. While studying management, he became an avid reader and says he would read everything that he could put his hands on and had a strong desire to grow in the business world.

Young and inexperienced, yet ambitious, he started a business importing granite but unfortunately the business quickly went south due to a bad business partner. At the age of 25, Altaf found himself downtrodden and bankrupt.  “I had too much ambition. The need for success pushed me to be reckless, to risk too much and make bad decisions,” Altaf recalls.

Discovering A New Opportunity

Altaf found out about Forever Living in a rather serendipitous way – working retail at a mall located in Dallas near the Eagle Manager's Retreat. “When I heard about Forever, I was instantly excited. I started to research the opportunity, and it seemed like something that could help me accomplish my goals and dreams I had since childhood.”

Taking a deep dive into Forever, Altaf attributes a lot of his education of the opportunity to online videos. “I started watching YouTube videos day and night. How they started, what they accomplished,” remembers Altaf. “I didn’t have a clue of how big of an opportunity this could become for me. It took about a year before I fully understood that I could keep using the products while developing the opportunity. I kept an open mind and never stopped learning.”

The Power of Forever Living

Altaf reached Eagle Manager in 2016 and spent time at Eagle Manager's Retreat in Greece training and networking with FBOs from all over the world. Although Forever Living has provided him a certain level of independence, that doesn’t mean his days are filled sipping drinks on the beach.

“The days are long when you’re self-employed,” explains Altaf. “One of the best parts of owning your own business is convenience of time. I work when I need to, and spend quality time with my family when I’m able. The past 18 months with Forever Living have been the most challenging, fulfilling and enjoyable experience of my working career. It’s the Forever Business Owner lifestyle that puts me in control of not just my time and financial rewards, but also ultimately my and my family’s future.”

This year, Altaf will attend Global Rally in Dubai as a 2.5K Global Rally and Level 1 Chairman's Bonus Qualifier. It's clear his road to this point hasn't always been easy, but the reward has been well worth the work he's put into his business. 

Top 5 Tips from Altaf Badal for New and Current FBOs

Tip #1:
 Practice what you preach. To succeed you need to be willing to listen, and to learn from mentors. It’s in the best interests of your mentor for you to become successful, this is very duplicatable.

Tip #2: Take the lead and have a service attitude. Forever is about long-term relationship building, it’s about helping new Forever Business Owners and customers and helping them the best you can.

Tip #3: Take care of business. This is your baby, run it like a franchise or storefront – own it and be proud of how you represent yourself.

Tip #4: Build a good team. These are the people that you’ll be helping and getting assistance from when you need it. Make sure you have people you can trust and who are as committed as you are on your team.

Tip #5: Don’t quit your day job… yet. Start earning income with Forever Living on a part-time basis and earn a stable monthly income. Don’t leave your full-time position until you’re absolutely certain that your income from Forever Living will be more than your current job.

Looking forward, Altaf says his ultimate goal is to create an education fund to help the less fortunate and enable them to live a better life. “I will share my Forever Living earnings to establish this project. I’m not a hero, I just keep doing what I am passionate doing. You can do it too,” proclaims Altaf. “Forever has helped me mature in ways I never anticipated. There is huge growth in front of us and the future is very bright with Forever Living Products!”

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