Gabriel Briceño’s Journey with Forever

My story begins working as an emergency room doctor in Mexico, my native land. Working in the ER was unforgettable, people’s lives depended on how well I juggled that thin line between life and death. I experienced first-hand the pain of my patients and the agony of their families. It was devastating, but I was devoted to helping others through medicine no matter what. Nothing was going to stop me or at least I thought so. 

I had my mind focused on one thing only, saving as many people as possible, and that meant working day and night shifts. I literally lived in the hospital! When patients were discharged from the hospital they were very grateful for my help; this gave me a deep sense of fulfillment and I truly believed I was happy. Yet, at the end of each day I felt empty, it was like I had made a world of difference in other people’s lives but my world was still the same. I was still away from my beautiful wife and kids.

I remember having long conversations with my wife to catch up on what our children were up to. When she talked about them, I felt like I was a bystander in my own life. The days were simply not long enough to make time for everything I wanted to do. I decided to take a break from that ongoing cycle and do something special for my family. I took them on a vacation to the U.S. to visit my friend from college.  

When we arrived, I could not believe how successful my friend had become. He had all the commodities that I could only dream of having in Mexico. A beautiful house, two brand new cars, and a flexible work schedule. He was working for a network marketing company that sold satellite antennas. Although he encouraged me to stay in the U.S. to pursue a career with this company, I didn’t see myself selling antennas - I had no expertise in that field.

Then my friend introduced me to doctor Luis Leal, and little did I know that this doctor was a guru in the Forever world. When we met all he asked me was “are you ready to work?” and I answered “Yes! more than ever”. The next day I was sharp and early at his office wearing my doctor's coat ready to look at patients but, to my surprise, he took me to a Forever Business Presentation and that’s how it all started. 

The more I learned about Forever, the more I grew convinced of the potential of the opportunity. I could help others improve their health and sell products that I actually believed in. My first year in Forever I was booming, nothing like I had experienced before. People were getting to know me and they liked what I sold, I was making sales non-stop. It was like the gateway to money had opened and they were pouring into my bank account. Forever had become my pathway to success and it was all because I had found something I was so passionate about that I was willing to work harder than ever. 

Everything was perfect, I was putting in the hard work and earning an income while still having the time to spend with my family, that is, until the recession hit. My business hit an all-time low and no matter how hard I tried, people just weren’t buying! I started doing temporary jobs just to make ends meet. I was discouraged and desperate. At times I thought about going back to Mexico, I thought, at least I still had a good career there. 

It wasn’t until I received a call from my upline Dr. Luis Leal that I was able to snap out of it. He was able to change my mindset around. He encouraged me to keep going, to fight harder, but most importantly to not go back to Mexico. He believed in my potential even when I couldn’t see it myself. He empowered me to believe in myself. 

From that moment on I made a decision to stay permanently in the U.S. and to never look back to my old life in Mexico. I promised that I would always look forward to the success I could achieve with Forever. 

Hitting this downfall in my business taught me two very important lessons that will help you as well:

1. Being a strong leader can change the life of those around you. Believing in someone and encouraging them to strive harder can go a long way. 

2. In order for you to develop a stable business, you need to stop relying on only selling! What do I mean by that? Don’t focus your entire business on selling product alone because you could struggle, just like I did, during unforeseen circumstances . Find balance and put energy into growing your downline, while also growing your retail base. 

You don’t have to be a genius or a doctor to succeed in Forever. You can succeed just by knowing the product inside and out and believing. Believe in the product and believe yourself. Success will follow. 

Remember to set goals. Live that goal day after day, until it becomes a passion. Understand that it is a progression to get there. Sometimes it’s going to be rocky and sometimes it’s going to be smooth, but regardless of the situation don’t get discouraged. 

I embraced this lesson very deeply and moved forward building my dream. I created a reputation for myself and my business, people started to know me as the doctor that helped with aloe vera. It was no joke! People understood the power of aloe vera but most importantly they understood the value of the opportunity. 

Take my life experience as a testimony of the power of Forever. 

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