Move into May with these Trainings

No one could ever get enough business inspiration and product training! Even coming off a whirlwind of a week at Global Rally, we know that you are still craving more. This month, we're excited to get down to business and talk about our new product that launched April 4th, Forever Move, and the Marketing Plan Basics. 

With another Eagle Manager qualifying period beginning on May 1st, it's crucial that you keep your momentum going and your motivation high, so you can experience the Forever events and see how much they impact your business. 

Here is what you can expect from next month's training: 

Marketing Plan: Understanding the Basics
May 12
12pm PST 

The Forever Marketing Plan isn't just your basic compensation playbook. It's a nearly 40-year-old masterpiece with a lot of intricacies to learn. In this webinar, you'll get an overview of all the basics and a break down of exactly what you need to know to both understand your path to success and explain to others on your team. 


New Product Training: Forever Move
May 26
12pm PST 

This exciting new product has so many benefits, you'll be jumping up and down celebrating! Forever Move features a proprietary blend of two powerful ingredients not combined anywhere else in the world. You can trust the experts and the tests, when they say this product really works! Get moving on registering for this special product training to learn everything you need to know about Forever Move. 


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