Right Place, Right People

Mary Capetillo is a woman of conviction. “I’ve always been a person with big dreams and goals. I’m now finally in the right place, at the right time to accomplish those dreams,” she proclaims. “I will continue to push forward, I’m on my way and I know I can do it!”

A cosmetologist for over 20 years, Mary’s job took up so much of her time it prevented her from doing what was important and made her happy — spending quality time with her family. “Before Forever my life was a routine. Every day was the same. Day after day. Year after year, for 20 years. The same job, the same result,” says Mary. There were many late nights, where Mary would come home to find her children already asleep in bed.

Things in her life quickly changed for the better after a friend insisted she try Forever. “I finally agreed to listen to her presentation, and myself and all of my friends were on-board with Forever. I immediately began to use all of the products and fell in love. As I kept using more products, I’d recommend them to others and this new adventure slowly became my new job. Today I work just two days a week in the salon, spending most of my time working on my Forever business.”

Initial Struggles and Overcoming Hurdles

You’d think that someone who worked in a salon over the span of two decades would have no problem approaching strangers and talking to them about Forever, but not so says Mary Capetillo. “Talking to people who I don’t know was an immense obstacle for me. Little by little I’ve become comfortable doing it, and all I want to do now is talk to everyone around me. In the beginning, the hardest thing to face was the rejection.”

Mary says her business came naturally when she started to use Forever products for her own health and the well-being of her family. Her husband got on board, and they both started using Vital5 together, and when her children followed suit they loved the products so much they recommend Forever to their friends.

“The change people see in their health is something marvelous,” Mary proudly tells us. “That brings me the most satisfaction. Taking the products has changed my health, the way I think and allowed me to help other people. My life has changed 100%. I have more time to spend with my family. I am healthier and have more friends. I work less and have more fun!”

Working with Enthusiasm and Pride

Mary with her daughterMary believes that the most powerful part of being in business for herself is the independence. “I’m my own boss. I focus on being better every time and achieving my dreams,” she emphasizes. “When I started, I didn’t even realize I was running my own business. I simply gradually introduced people to the company and the products and my business grew. It’s changing my life every day and I know I will have a wonderful future full of achievements and financial freedom.” 

From earning the car incentive, Forever2Drive, to achieving Eagle Manager in April 2015, Mary Capetillo has already achieved a lot in the short amount of time spent with Forever. “The trip to Cancun was unforgettable, my family had an amazing time, I was so proud to have earned it.” (Mary with her daughter pictured left) 

Mary attributes her success to her incredible team. “My team is like a large family. We all work towards the same goals and objectives, and help one another. My life is now filled by positive people, and my Forever family is growing drastically each and every month. I’m surrounded by entrepreneurs and people wanting a better life.”

For the newest members of her Forever family, her advice is simple. “Start using the products, recommend them and be consistent. Work the business every single day. Follow up, talk to people, and look for those that have your same goals. Those that want to be in charge of their own life. Be optimistic and don’t be scared of dreaming big. Have faith in yourself and make every day the best you have.”

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