How to Share the Products and Business During the Holidays

There is no better time of year to grow your business, especially your 5cc retail business to qualify for the Race to Rally 2018, than during the holidays! Did you know that according to statistics gathered by the Holiday Ecommerce Shopping and Marketing Statistics for 2016, an average shopper will purchase 14 gifts during the holiday season and 1 in 5 of those gifts will be based on impulse. 

You might also be surprised to hear that the 22nd and 23rd of December are the two biggest days for sales. When people are shopping for the holidays, they need quick gifts that make sense for the gift-receivers. Will you be there to help guide their purchases and present the Forever products? 

This year, we want to make your job easier! Holiday advertising creates a lot of clutter that shoppers have to sift through. We don't want you to miss out on getting your business and the Forever products in front of customers, so check out these tools that you can use all holiday-season long! 

Digital Holiday Product Catalog
We've gone digital! View and share the Holiday Product Catalog easier than ever! All you'll have to do is head to the FBO Site or the Discover Forever Mobile App to download the PDF. 

Product Advertisements
Are you ready to share the products you love? With the product advertisements available on the FBO site, you can share the products in branded handouts and customize to include your information. Tip: Let people know where they can find more products after they fall in love this holiday season by asking your customers to include your advertisement with the gifts they share. 

Business Advertisements
Showing someone the power of a Forever business is easy to do this time of year. You're an example to everyone you meet and who purchases gifts through you of just how a business works! With the business advertisements, you'll have a way to share the opportunity with every person who purchases gifts through you. Just customize the flyer and include it in each product drop-off. 

Wish List & Order Form 
Help guide your customers to selecting the perfect gifts and avoid gift disappointment. Download the Wish List and Order Form from your FBO site to and use this business tool to help people make decisions on which gifts may be right for their friends and family. Tip: Include wish lists in every product drop-off so your customers can pass on your information to others who are looking for the perfect holiday gifts.  

Gift Vouchers 
Do you want to offer your customers even more of an incentive to shop with you? Use our $5 or $10 gift vouchers to give your shoppers a little cost reduction on their next purchase and encourage them return for more gifts! Even better, use the gift vouchers as giveaways on your social media channels or as rewards for customers who refer friends to shop with you. 

Social Media Campaign 
Don't forget to follow the North America and Global social media channels to engage with our product promotions this holiday season. Use these promotions on your social media channels to share with your customers and connect with other FBOs to learn what they're doing over the holidays to grow their business. Plus, you'll get more tips all season long on how you can build an effective Forever business this time of year. 

Tip: Videos are a top way to boost engagement on social media. Keep an eye out on our social media channels throughout November and December to share the Forever Holiday Videos. 

Holiday Gift Wrapping 
Finally, there's really no better way to wrap a Forever gift than in a classic white Forever Gift Bag. These bags are perfect for anyone who loves simplicity and style and are a great add-on to purchases made by your customers. More importantly, these Forever gift bags are your key to making an impression this holiday season. Use the bags to wrap your Forever gifts that you'll be sharing and make an impression at your gift exchange! 

Head over to your FBO Site today to start your holiday planning! 

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