Texas Success Day 2016

Have you ever heard the saying that leaders always find the time to learn, while others never "have time?" Making the time to attend a Success Day is essential no matter what level you are at in the business.

The learning experiences at Texas Success Day included marketing and presenting skills and learning how to accomplish the Eagle Manager incentive. But, it didn't stop there. From touring our manufacturing facility, Aloe Vera of America, to dancing at Southfork Ranch, there was a little something special around every corner.  

The weekend began with a tour of Aloe Vera of America. Forever is vertically integrated, owning everything from growing the products to packaging and shipping. But, you never quite understand the scope of these processes until you walk through the doors.  

Greeted with smiles, you enter to a facility where every turn provides a new insight into how a Forever product is made or packaged. You find yourself among hustle and bustle learning what happens behind the scenes at the AVA facility, and trust us, it’s amazing! From taking 100% pure stabilized Aloe Vera gel and bottling it, to the incredible process of assembling and packaging the products for shipment, every process is an exciting show.

FBOs were even treated with a special presentation on our raw Aloe Vera plants. Being in the home state where Aloe Vera plants are grown and in the facility where products are created, there is a lot of knowledge around our favorite ingredient. Some had a unique opportunity to sample Aloe Vera gel sliced fresh from the leaves!

Recognition is a big part of Success Day. We are your biggest cheerleaders and believe every accomplishment in an FBO's journey is worth sharing, so we take the opportunity to bring everyone on stage, snap a photo and shout from the rooftops! We especially enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate some FBOs who qualified for Eagle Manager and will be heading to Greece next month.

During a Success Day, presenters and leaders in the Forever business come together to help you gain confidence and knowledge on the Forever products, the opportunity and skills for success. 

For a successful FBO, Success Days are some of the best times to grow. Finding inspiration in the accomplishments of others, learning something new during training and meeting new people by networking are just a few of the things our FBOs can expect at these fun events.

Take your opportunity to join a Success Day in the future! You'll never know how it can impact your business. Keep an eye out for future events here

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