The Forever Experience 2017

How often do you get hundreds of North America FBOs to gather in one place alongside Executive Global Leadership Team members and executives to learn, inspire and network? The Forever Experience may only happen once a year, but it was the best way to kick off 2017! 

The Experiences

Scottsdale, Arizona, was a busy place in February as FBOs gathered for a whirlwind two-day event. Everyone had the opportunity to visit Forever Nutraceutical, the facility where Forever's nutritional supplements are developed. Tours by some of the knowledgeable staff included learning the creation process of some favorite Forever products and watching as ingredients were tested in various labs, developed into pills or powders, then packaged and stored waiting for shipment across the world. 

The excitement only grew stronger as lines of FBOs waited to enter the Home Office. There's nothing like walking through the Hall of Flags into the Executive wing where Rex Maughan, founder of Forever Living Products, was ready to greet everyone. The crowds had the halls humming and photos flashed everywhere taking in the beauty and history surrounding the building. 

If you were lucky enough to be a VIP, then you were escorted to a red carpet entrance for the dinner under the stars. With a beautiful backdrop that the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch provided, FBOs had the chance to dine and dance under a beautiful Arizona evening sky. 

The Training 

But, it wasn't just about taking in the surroundings or networking and mingling with other FBOs. The training lineup for the weekend included the world's top FBOs. Emma Cooper, GLT member from the UK, kicked off the event by sharing how she has built her business to where it is today. In only a few years, she has risen to one of the top UK business builders with hard work and determination. Her passion ignited the room and her enthusiasm and sometimes humorous approach to sharing her story had the room feeling ready to conquer anything. 

Jayne Leach, Executive GLT, trained on the power of First Steps to Manager. With more than 20 years of experience, she has been an expert in using this literature piece to rise to the top of the UK and build a global business - proving it's one literature piece that can help you grow your business anywhere. 

Speaking of global businesses, the audience had the chance to hear Executive GLT member, Gabisile Mbatha's incredible story of building her business in South Africa. She talked about her humble beginnings and the life that she and her husband have been able to build for their children in just a few years with Forever. Gabisile emphasized the importance of her excitement, especially how the potential of what she could do with her business motivated her to work tirelessly to achieve anything in a difficult political and socio-economic climate. 

The world's top FBOs Rolf and Dominique Kipp shared not only their love for the products, but why and how that love transitioned into a passion that has helped them earn more than 13 million dollars in just Chairman's Bonus checks. 

After launching the "2x Forever" sales goal this year, President Gregg Maughan, shared the potential that the North America market has. With the market share available in the USA and Canada, everyone has their eye on doubling North America sales in the next two years - even the Executive GLT!

The Recognition and Launches

The North America Sales team gave a nod to all of our Global Rally and Chairman's Bonus qualifiers who will be traveling to Dubai next month. With huge smiles and a congratulations from Rex, these FBOs are beaming with joy all the way to their trip. 

Countless FBOs were recognized on stage for their accomplishments and successes for moving up and achieving Forever2Drive qualification, as well. With Emma Cooper's very vocal team in the audience and everyone pumped up, the room was erupting with applause and screams for each person. 

Two new literature pieces were launched to help you grow your business. The Aloe Brochure is a great way to share the power of Aloe Vera with your customers and gives the benefits of the products for a lasting impression. The Why Forever brochure is a simple way to inform potential FBOs of the opportunity and the benefits of joining Forever. Get both brochures in your FBO online store today. 

Finally, a brand new incentive was announced that will also help you grow your teams! The Networking Marketing Professional Incentive is a new way to bring people into Forever and qualify for the highly sought-after Forever luggage. 

While the weekend went by too fast, it is always a pleasure to invite our FBOs to the place the Forever executives and staff call home. Experience it again and catch a little bit of the action - watch the recap below and visit to find all of the photos from the event. 



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