The 2017 Guide to Holiday Shopping

It's the season of giving! For many people, this is the best time of the year. Maybe they love gift giving. Maybe they love gift receiving. It's all pretty great when you are surrounded by friends, family and good cheer. 

So, are you planning those perfect gifts yet? We know that it can be really awkward when someone opens a gift they don't quite love. Instead, give them a gift that makes them smile. Give them a Forever gift! 

Use this guide to help you decide what you should get all the special people in your life. 


Who is it for? 
Age: 28+ 
Men and Women 
Anyone concerned with dry or aging skin 

infinite by Forever™ is gaining huge momentum all over the world! It contains clinically researched ingredients to promote healthier, more youthful looking skin and it's advanced science improves skin hydration and boosts healthy collagen formation. 

During Forever's in-house trial, participants noticed results, including the blurring of fine lines and wrinkles, in as little as two weeks! For anyone who is looking for a complete anti-aging system, there couldn't be a better gift. In fact, they'll probably already be singing it's praises to you at your annual New Year party! 


Who is it for? 
Athletes, aging or ANYONE who moves! 
Anyone who wants faster muscle recovery and better joint movement 

This revolutionary new product is the first of its kind in the entire world! Forever Move™  contains ingredients that are clinically tested and proven to support joint comfort and flexibility. 

NEM, one of the major ingredients in this product, improves range of motion and helps with recovery. So, whether you're gifting this to a world-class weightlifter or to someone who is training for their first marathon, it will be the perfect (and most appreciated) gift!  


Who is it for? 
Gym goers, weekenders, travelers, guests to your home
Great portable products for purses or briefcases
Make great stocking stuffers

The Forever Travel Kit incited a frenzy when it was first released in 2016. Finally, five of Forever's most loved and most traveled products were turned into TSA-friendly minis. Aloe Moisturizing Lotion, Bath Gelee, Forever Bright Toothgel, Jajoba Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse - all together to create a traveler's dream. 

Plus, the set comes in a convenient travel pouch that makes it easy to toss into your luggage or into a gym bag. 


Who is it for?
F15 Beginner - Anyone who wants help getting started with fitness and nutrition 
F15 Intermediate and Advanced - Anyone who is looking to take fitness and nutrition to the next level 

Developed by a team of nutritionists and fitness experts, the F15 weight management program changes people's lifestyles. Following the regimen creates lasting results, and it's easy to do! The complete program offers day-by-day action items, comes with an interactive mobile App and provides you with all the support you need to succeed. 

Especially as we go into the New Year, gyms will be flooded with people who have better health on their resolution list. So, help out a friend in need! It makes a great gift for people who either don't know where to start or are looking for something different to help them change their lifestyle. Plus, they can do the exercises on their own time with either no gym equipment or limited equipment necessary.

Have you thought about how a gift could help someone with their lifestyle or match up with their personality? The Forever products cover all sorts of needs and wants, from better nutrition to a well-balanced home. Learn more about the other Forever products available that are great for gift-giving at! And share your thoughtful forever gift with us on social media with the hashtag #ThoughtfulForever.

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