Tips for a Booming Forever Business

Since we last spoke with Sarah Rose in October (just nine short months ago!), her business has exploded. We caught up with her to see what has led to this rocket ship of growth, what single thing has made the biggest difference for her business and what advice she'd give to FBOs looking to duplicate her success and grow their own business. Here is her advice! 

Social Media

There are three ways I grow my business and one of them is using social media. Pick two social media platforms and master them. For me, that's Facebook and Instagram, and I use them as a daily lifestyle blog. At the time of this writing, I have more than 3,000 Facebook friends and nearly every day I get inquiries about joining the business from people all over the world. 

I post pictures of my team and I at launches, at a coffee shop working and simple pictures with my family or friends enjoying life. I try to highlight the Forever lifestyle and post pictures of places that Forever is taking us, such as Monte Carlo and Dubai. My goal is to talk about anything pertaining to what Forever has to offer, including time to spend with friends and family, the opportunity to choose where we work (not in a traditional office or cubicle), all-expenses travel and the opportunity to drive the car of your choice. These posts give people hope that there is a better way.

I'm focused on achieving the earned incentive Forever2Drive, so I post pictures of the car I dream of having when the incentive kicks in. Along those same lines, I love sharing positive and motivating quotes to inspire people. This marketing strategy really is duplicable. Just follow the top people in the company who you want to emulate and see how they are portraying their businesses on social media. You'll notice they make it all about the business and generating curiosity about what we do. 

It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel, simply find the system that works for you, use your creativity to put your own spin on your brand and run with it. I had a graphic artist come up with my Sarah Rose Global logo, then set-up a website and currently run all of my business through FLP360°. 

Be sure to steer clear of anything pertaining to religion, politics or other hot-button issues because you'll alienate anyone who disagrees with your views. Instead, learn how to brand yourself and stand out on social media in a positive way so when people search for Forever, they come to you. 

Contact Marketing 

Leave the house! Attend networking events, take your kids or dogs to the park, spend an hour in a coffee shop. Get out of your comfort zone and start talking to people and making new friends. As you establish relationships, those people can become customers, recruits and ambassadors for your business. There's so much business out there and an amazing company behind you, so you can always feel confident. Forever works and it will pay off if you’re consistently touching your business every day. Ask yourself, would you hire you? You’re the CEO of your own business, so run it accordingly!

The fortune is in the follow up, so I always reach out to my new friends and contacts straight away to find out how soon we can get together for coffee or wine to get to know each other and find out how we can put each other forward, because this truly is a business of building relationships. 

I do trades with everyone in the service industry, including my hairdresser, makeup artists and photographers. They let me know what groups and events I should be a part of and vice versa and I actively try to send them referrals and get referrals in exchange.

Always be open to finding new ways to share the products and the business. Our team is also approaching restaurants and bars with Fab X, and many of them have picked it up as a cocktail or mocktail mixer. The owners or bar managers join as an FBO, so they get the discount on the Fab X and order from themselves. We always throw a launch at their establishment to cross-promote each other and get people in to learn about our products. We open these launches to our whole team, and everyone has a goal of bringing no less than ten people. So we always have a great group, make sales and have new team members joining when they see how much fun we have. We also have a makeup artist on-site with a Flawless touch-up station, doing the upcoming season's colors. Our team is very social, so we are always looking for an excuse to get our brand out there and have fun doing it!


This business is not for everyone, and that's okay. People say "no" to me every day, but I've worked hard on myself to transcend rejection and not take it personally. I never respond negatively because I don't want to burn bridges with anyone I meet. 

Timing is everything. I've had several people contact me months after saying "no" to inquire about how to get started with the business. I've made a game out of it. When people tell me "no", my objective is to see how many referrals I can gather from them. Often, contacts will take out their phones and while we are still sitting there, give me names and phone numbers of people who they think would be interested. I add those referrals to my list of ten new contacts for the week and follow up straight away to introduce myself and ask if I can send them some information on what I do.

You're the boss, and this is your business — so treat it like one! Work harder than anyone you know with focus, determination, a positive mindset and a total commitment to yourself that you will not be denied.  Raise the bar for yourself and your team, so that 4 personal CCs a month is the bare-bones minimum — why not go for 8, 10 or more? Keep Forever at the forefront of your mind at all times and be like a detective, always on the lookout for opportunities!