Hidetake & Tomoko Kobayashi


Meet the Kobayashi's from Japan!

Hidetake and Tomoko are parents of four children and now they are also grandparents. They registered as FBOs in 1993 and they are and have been the only Star SREPCM in Japan. They became one of the few Double Diamond Managers in Japan in 2013. Hidetake used to work at a bank but he quit his job and became Judo Therapist. As he worked as a Judo Therapist, he learned about the Forever business. He now owns more than 20 clinics and has more than 100 staff. He established an incorporated school for Judo Therapist which has been his dream for a long time. They built a guest house in Ashiya, Hyogo and own a cruiser boat. They invite their downline and friends from all over Japan every weekend.