Kim Madsen


Meet Kim Madsen from the UAE! He is the first Diamond Manager from Scandinavia! He truly enjoys working with Forever and believes there are truly no limits to this business.

Sophie and Kim Madsen have lived in Dubai Marina in Dubai since 2012 and are enjoying the Dubai lifestyle! Founder of NGO in Uganda in 2009, which is their biggest passion. They have four kids Oliver, Julie, Paris and Brooklyn who are the joy of our lives. Kim became a Forever Living FBO in Denmark (1998) , as for Sophie her journey started with Forever Living in Uganda (2009). They are so proud to be building the business in 20+ countries around the world. Throughout their career they have been in the GLT since 2006, and achieved the Chairman's Bonus level 3 (14 times). Favorite products: Aloe Gel and Move, and for Sophie infinite by Forever.