Jozsef Szabo


Meet Josef Szabo from Hungary!

He is a founder and enthusiastic Forever Business Owner of the Eastern Europian region of Forever Living Products. He met with Forever firstly in December of 1995 and achieved Manager in one year, then beccame Sapphire in December of 1999. Thanks to his persistent efforts he has been building his business in 20 countries. Based on 2016 Global Case Credits, he is the number one Forever Business Owner in his region. In 2017, he took part on Dubai Global Rally as a GLT member. In the past twenty-one years he hasn’t cancelled any of his presentations, no matter from which downline the invitation came from. His presentations are being attended also by the people who were born at the time he had started building his network. He believes that Forever is a business of freedom and opportunities are unlimited! His philosophy is that by helping other people we can create a better world, where we can enjoy the benefits of freedom and recognition.