Marcus Leach


Marcus Leach had aspirations of becoming an athlete from a young age. His first major goal was to play international rugby, which he did representing Wales at both U18 and U19 levels, including participating in the Junior World Cup. Since then, he’s set his eyes on setting more challenging goals.

From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc to riding Paris-Roubaix and Tour du Mont Blanc, each stepping stone has grown to something bigger. His two goals are to climb Mount Everest and cycle the Tour de France route in full, an event run by a select number of companies for non-professional cyclists.

What is the one Forever Living product you couldn’t live without?
I couldn’t live without Argi+; I can safely say is the best sports supplement I have ever used. I have enjoyed the benefits of Forever products for over twenty years now, having first started drinking the Gel aged ten, but given all that I do from a sporting point of view it is the Argi+ that has had the biggest impact for me.

What motivates you during challenging times?
The fear of failure motivates me during challenging times. There are few more powerful emotions than that of hurt and pain when striving to achieve success. The biggest lessons I have learnt are not from my successes and victories, but from my failures and defeats. Not only have I learnt from them, but I have taken with me the feelings and use them to drive myself forward.