Mike Butterworth


Mike Butterworth has been a passionate runner for many years, completing half-marathons, marathons and even ultramarathons over this time. With his busy life and family schedule, it was difficult for Mike to stay in shape after turning 40. When Mike found the F.I.T. program, he took the opportunity to commit to it and get back in shape.

As a runner, Mike always found it easy to set personal distance goals, so he set two goals for the F.I.T. program: a target body weight and target body fat percentage. After the 69 days, he successfully reached his goals and transformed his lifestyle. Needless to say, he can attest to looking better and feeling better.

What is the one Forever Living product you couldn’t live without?
The F.I.T programme has helped me to re prioritise my lifestyle; healthy living is definitely something I’ll continue to pursue for years to come. Improvements have come through changes in supplementation, diet and exercise but if I had to choose the one product that has made the most difference to me, I would say it was the Garcinia. My energy levels are so much more consistent which is great on so many levels.

How did you find the Forever Opportunity?
Lindsey and I joined Forever in March 2008 after one of Lindsey’s Pilates class-members referred her to Phil Pickles (our now sponsor). At the time, I was running a fitness DVD business and Lindsey was running a packed diary of Pilates classes and one-to-one sessions. Lindsey could immediately see the opportunity would be a great way to further help her clients with their health and jumped straight in. Forever has given us the flexibility to run these businesses concurrently whilst keeping reasonably fit – something that has always been important to us, all be it challenging at times with work and a young family.