Nick Söderblom


Nick Soderblom is an extreme sports enthusiast. His proudest moment was when he took on Vasaloppet 90k cross country skiing with absolutely no experience. He’s also accomplished Vasaloppet 95K (mountain bike), Vätternrundan 300K (bike), and Fjällräven Classic 125K in Lappland (hiking).

What motivates you during challenging times?
I think about my father who died in cancer and my brother who passed away in early age. But of course, my instinct of winning and completing what I started. And more importantly to grow as a human being Spirituality.

What is the number one tip you have for someone who wants to achieve a healthier lifestyle?
To get perspective on life. To get a view of yourself as a human being. To see if you are happy and if you are proud of what you have done so far in life mentally and physically and spiritually. And if you are growing as a person, or if you are living a life that you would not regret when you are 100 years old.