Rellu Pats


Rellu Pats has been a dancer her whole life. As a young dancer, Rellu dreamed of becoming a professional flamenco dancer. Unfortunately, her professional career was put on hold due to a knee injury from childhood. Since then, her life has taken unexpected turns and landed her in a position that she loves and grows from everyday.

It wasn’t until she saw a commercial for Zumba® that she realized she could have a career doing something she loved. She became a licensed instructor and grew into her role. She was most recently invited to perform at the Zumba® Instructor Convention in Orlando, Florida with fellow instructors.

Who is the person who inspires you the most?
It will have to be my mentor and inspiration Steve Boedt. Steve is a Zumba® Education specialist with a long career in fitness working for both Reebok and Nike. His strength as an instructor lies in the simplicity of teaching, his motivating personality and the knowledge he has. Even with all the “fame” that he has experienced he is still grounded and humble, letting the education speak for itself. Steve is also super spiritual and chooses to see the good and positivity around him.

What motivates you during challenging times? The knowledge that everything happens for a reason and I am meant to learn from hardships. Everything from the past has made me what I am today. Maybe not always the easiest thing to realize but in the end it all falls into place.