Sarah Matyjasik


Sarah Matyjasik is a mom of two and F.I.T. transformation success story.

Over the past thirteen years, Sarah dipped in and out of bootcamp style training, but when she heard about the F.I.T. challenge there was suddenly a great goal to aim for. She started the C9 on January 1st this year and decided to get back into the gym; it reignited her passion for training and looking and feeling better.

She completed the sixty-nine days and felt a complete transformation. During this program, she made her next goal – a very scary one - to win the UK F.I.T. challenge. She went on to compete in the WBF Showdown on the 27th September 2015, nine months after starting the C9 journey. She competed in two categories – ‘Over thirty-fives’ and ‘Tall’ – and received an invite to compete in the British finals.

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