New Company Policies: Coming September 2017

Part of Forever's promise is to continually work toward making positive changes for our hard working Forever Business Owners around the world. This includes occasionally taking time to go through our Marketing Plan to ensure that every policy is rewarding our committed business builders fairly and effectively. 

Effective September 1st, 2017, Forever will honor these new policies that will continue to help businesses around the world develop. For any questions regarding these policy changes, please contact your country office. 

4.01 Novus Customers Cannot Sponsor
Novus Customers cannot sponsor others, nor can they retail via the company website.

Q: Why is the policy changing from allowing Novus Customers to sponsor others, to NOT allowing Novus Customers to sponsor others?
A: A Novus Customer is a person who purchases product at a discounted price, and as such should be classified along with Retail Customers as “non-participating” end consumers of our products. They are not participants in the Company’s Marketing Plan and therefore should not be offered the opportunity to sponsor until they become an Assistant Supervisor. FBOs are considered “participants” in the Marketing Plan, because they can receive compensation for selling product to Retail and Novus Customers, as well as bonuses for sponsoring and training FBOs to do the same. This policy enhancement rightly places the Novus Customer in the non-participating group of consumers.

Q: What happens to current Novus Customers who have already sponsored others?
A: Novus Customers who have sponsored others will be waivered, so as not to lose any of their downline prior to implementation of the policy. However, they will not be able to sponsor additional downlines until they become Wholesale Qualified.

4.02 Novus Customer Six-Month Policy
A Novus Customer who has not made a purchase for six full calendar months will automatically be removed from the Company’s database.

Q: Will Novus Customers receive a notification or a warning before being removed from the database?
A: Yes, they will be sent an email prior to their removal from the system.

Q: Can a previous Novus Customer sign up again under any Sponsor?
A: Yes.

Q: Is a previous Novus Customer subject to the re-sponsoring policy?
A: No, they will be able to re-sponsor immediately after being removed from the database.

Q: When will the Novus Customer six-month policy take effect?
A: The Novus Customer six-month policy will take effect on September 1, 2017; however, inactive Novus Customer details will not be removed from the system until March 1, 2018.

4.04 Bank Charges for “Foreign” Bonus Payments
Any third-party charges or fees accrued on payments made to an FBO outside of the country in which the profits/bonuses are earned, will be the responsibility of the FBO.

4.05 FBO Thirty-Six Month Policy 
FBOs who have not made a purchase for thirty-six consecutive calendar months will be removed from the company’s database.

Q: Will this be automatic?
A: Yes.

Q: Can a previous FBO, that has been removed from the system via the thirty-six-month policy, sign up again under any Sponsor?
A: Yes.

Q: Will FBOs be given any warning or notice of their being removed from the database?
A: Yes, they will be sent an email prior to their removal from the system.

Q: If an FBO is removed from the database, is there a waiting period before they can be sponsored again?
A: No. They can be sponsored immediately, but without a restoration of their previous sales level or downline.

Q: If a Retail Customer inputs an FBO ID into their online order, and that ID has been removed from the database, where will the volume from that purchase go?
A: The volume generated will be randomly assigned to a qualifying FBO.

Q: When will the thirty-six-month policy take effect?
A: The thirty-six-month policy will take effect on September 1, 2017, however inactive FBO details will not be removed from the database until  September 1, 2020.

6.05 12-Month Leadership Policy 
A Manager who is not Leadership Bonus Qualified for twelve consecutive months will permanently forfeit all downline Manager lines. Therefore, all downline Manager lines will become first generation inherited Managers to the next Leadership Bonus Qualified Manager in their upline. If a Manager is not Leadership Bonus Qualified for eleven months, they can use the twelfth month as their first month of the three-month requalification period and will not lose their downline Manager lines.

Q: What if the Manager who lost downline Manager lines subsequently develops another Manager line?
A: If they develop a subsequent Manager line, they would be eligible to qualify for Leadership Bonus on that new Manager line. However, if they have another period of twelve months of not qualifying for Leadership Bonus any time after developing the new Manager line, they would lose that line as well.

Q: When will this take effect?
A: The 12-month leadership policy will take effect on September 1, 2017; however, FBOs will be given until August 31, 2018 to become leadership bonus qualified. This allows a fair amount of time to achieve the qualification.

14.01 Twelve-Month Re-Sponsoring Policy
An existing FBO can re-sponsor under a different Sponsor after twelve months of inactivity.

Q: Does this apply to terminated FBOs as well?
A: Yes, pending approval from the Home Office.

Q: If an FBO re-sponsors after the twelve-month period, would their previous activity and downline be reinstated?
A: No, a FBO re-sponsoring after the twelve-month period would begin as a brand new Novus Customer.

For more information, please contact your country office. 

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