A 360 Degree View of Your Business

How many different ways are there to look at your business? Between working with leads who are interested in using the products and communicating with your downlines and prospects about the business opportunity and training, there is always something you must do to stay on top of your game! FLP360 can be the ultimate business partner to not only help you have a complete view of your business but also help you communicate and stay organized, making you a better Forever Business Owner! And, with some changes we've recently made in 2018, FLP360 just got even better! 

The Benefits of FLP360 

Juggling a business can be difficult. Between trying to keep up with the new people you've introduced to the products and opportunity and ensuring your team has what they need to succeed, all of your tasks can quickly add up! FLP360 was created with you in mind, to help you succeed at all that you do by helping you stay organized and giving you tools to communicate and analyze your business. 

What's included?

- Detailed reports show not only your sales and trends, but also your downline's sales and progress, so you can make changes and improvements consistently 
- The Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) will help you keep track of your leads and help you build a list of new leads, while also giving you a calendar for following up 
-  Customized websites help you share the products and opportunity the way you want, featuring different focuses, such as our aloe, drinks, our full range of products and specific business-related information
- Email templates for reaching out to new prospects and your downline make it easier to create communications on the fly
- The best of Google Apps, including a personal @FLP.com email address, helps your business look professional 
- And, much more! 

What's New with FLP360  

New Templates for Emailing Prospects

Do you have new customers and prospective FBOs who are interested in learning more about the Forever business opportunity and products? There are so many different ways to communicate with your lead base, but a steady email campaign and frequent email communication can help you nurture your leads to create long-term relationships. 

To give you a jump start on communicating and help you show off key highlights of the business and products, we have the email templates for you! With these new emails, you can simply add in your personal information and blast off to the leads you've acquired and put into FLP360. 

Websites for Every Need

Whether you'd like to share the products, the opportunity or our favorite key ingredient - Aloe Vera, there is a website template for YOU. You choose what you'd like to share with your potential customers and FBOs when they come across your business online. 

Select one of the many available and recently updated templates to show off the products and tell your Forever story. Using these websites allows your customers and prospects to easily shop or join directly using your FBO ID# with no hassle.  Just share your personal .flp.com link to invite new customers and leads to explore! 

It's time to sign up today and see where FLP360 can take your business!