A Bright (Yellow) Future

While many companies have multiple products that they offer, and Forever is no different, there are always one or two products at the core of their success that give focus to everything they do.  For Forever, that is Aloe Vera Gel®. 

Never before had people been able to access the benefits and nutrients of Aloe as though they had just cut a leaf directly from the plant. Millions around the world saw the benefits of Aloe and, as a result, we have experienced great success for nearly 40 years!  But as all good companies do, we knew that we couldn’t rest on the success of Aloe Vera Gel® and our other products – we had to continue to evolve, to innovate and move with the market.

As consumer demands and new technologies changed, we had to make adjustments to ensure that we would always be the most significant provider of Aloe Vera and Bee products in the world! 

When I first learned of the packaging advancements that were available with the new Tetra Pak, I was excited but concerned.  I wasn’t concerned because this technology wasn’t tested or impressive, but like so many of our customers and FBOs, I was passionate about that little yellow bottle that we have used for decades. I didn’t want to make a switch unless we were 100% confident that it would enhance Aloe Vera Gel®, the experience of our customers and also help us share the benefits of Aloe with more people around the world.

As I learned more about Tetra Pak technology and its benefits and saw the new artwork, I felt confident that this was a powerful evolution for Forever and a big step into the future!  Packaging that maintains more of Aloe’s valuable nutrients and provides a fresher taste -   what’s not to be excited about?  After all, it’s what’s inside that counts! In addition, the packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials and has a more streamlined manufacturing process, which further supports our commitment to the environment.  It even fits easier in the refrigerator!

We know that doing things right takes time and change is never easy.  Rest assured that you are part of a company that is dedicated to innovation and never settling for “good enough”.  You are part of a team that has a vision for the future of our company and the impact that we have on the world around us.  You are part of a global family that truly cares about helping others.

I can’t wait for you to experience the new Aloe Vera Gel® for yourselves and see the exciting, transformative power that it will have on your business.  The future is here – and it looks bright!

Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan
CEO, Forever Living Products

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