By Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Expert, Jake Coyle

The heavy science version:

I believe that fat loss and gain are primarily dictated by consistently regulating or spiking blood sugar levels. Even if someone is below their caloric maintenance level, but they are consistently eating processed foods or high fructose corn syrup (causing blood sugar surges), they will struggle to drop FAT! Once the body senses that there is too much glucose in the bloodstream, the pancreas reacts and immediately elicits an insulin response transporting the excess glucose to fat storage. The real problem isn’t the simple fat storage scenario which occurs every time you spike blood sugar. The root of the issue is the hormonal impact which occurs when blood sugar is consistently spiked. The individual who is on a low calorie meal plan, but still surging their blood sugar consistently is going to have suppressed levels of glucagon and other hormones that play a significant role in fat loss.

Moreover, that same dieter who is spiking their blood sugar is going to have elevated levels of lipoprotein lipase and other hormones that encourage fat storage and discourage the breakdown of fat to be utilized during times of exertion. On top of that, most people who struggled with fat loss over the course of many years actually damage their pancreas from overuse! When the human body is exposed to consistent blood sugar spikes, over time the sensitivity to sugars becomes detrimental to achieving both fat loss and general health.

Key takeaway:

I have worked with tons of people who have come to me to try to lose weight and don’t eat a tremendous number of calories. In most of these cases I find that they are skipping meals, eating lots of empty calories, and consistently spiking their blood sugar. Typically, these weight loss candidates are eating all their calories in a 4-6 hour window and starving the rest of the day. If your calorie goal is 1400 calories to lose weight and drop body fat and you eat that between 4-10pm do you think you will see results? No, you most likely will not.

I believe that creating the perfect environment internally through balanced meals, 4-6 per day spread out throughout the day (and not spiking blood sugar) is the healthiest way to transform the human body.

Getting to your goal is not rocket science, and I PROMISE it does not require you to eat 100 calorie snack packs, listen to Dr. Oz or read tons of diet books.

The key is feeding your body plenty of protein, naturally-occurring, unprocessed carbohydrates and lots and lots of fresh vegetables.

Always ask yourself this very important question ‘Did man make this?’. If so, I would recommend only eating it on spare occasions!

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