A New Way to Look at Your Business

Built with the power of Google and Salesforce combined, FLP360° gives you access to a some of the best Google Apps and tools that can help you on your journey to build a strong business. We're excited to announce that what you'll see the next time you login, is a whole new experience! 

We've taken the look and feel of FLP360° and given it an upgrade. With new, sleek colors and design, you'll feel an integrated experience with all of the Forever sites. Plus, you'll get a streamlined view on your dashboard to easily review what's most important to your business. What will you get on the home page? Snapshots of your volume and recruitment, a list of your recent orders and your latest emails. 

With recent updates, you'll also notice that you've been automatically added to your upline's Chatter group and your downline is automatically added to yours. This makes communication simple and fun among your teams, so you'll always stay connected. 

All of the same detailed reports and charts are available to help guide you toward the strong points and opportunities in your business. You'll also get all of the great email templates in the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool to send out communications to your leads, team and customers! 

In addition to the updates you'll see on the Web version of FLP360°, the FLP360° Mobile App has also undergone some enhancements. Now, when you search  through mobile, you can see an unlimited number of generations in your downline. That's a whole lot of information at your fingertips! 

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out FLP360°, then now is the time! With these latest upgrades, this tool is sure to help catapult your success and give you a new way to look at your business. 

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