A Rally to Remember: Looking Back on 40 Years

Every single Global Rally has had its own flair and its own special memories that makes it unique to everyone who was there and even those who watched from home. Global Rally 2018 in Dallas, Texas was no different. The memories and the experiences will always have a special place in Forever's history. 

An Elite Sneak Peek 

The Global Leadership Team represents the top tier of Forever Business Owners. To be part of this elite group, an FBO must accumulate more than 7,500 case credits over the year. That's an incredible business goal and these top leaders prove that they are just as business-savvy as they are fans of the Forever products. 

To kick off the exciting events at Global Rally, the executive team brings these impressive business builders together to set the mood for the week. They plan for the future of Forever and reveal what the rest of the Forever sales force will learn throughout the week. Their insider peek not only allows our executives to gain valuable feedback, but also helps us ensure the event is unique and memorable for everyone. 

It All Started with a Story 

Monday, April 23rd, we opened up our first event to the next tier of leaders and Global Rally qualifiers - those FBOs who have accumulated 5,000 case credits over the year. This year, we wanted to make the magical evening of the 5K Dinner an affair that would create a deeper connection for all of us. Set at the beautiful and historic Dallas Union Station, with stately windows and pillars setting the backdrop among original chandeliers, our dinner transformed into a full immersion theater where video screens lined the room in anticipation of something spectacular. 

Just as dinner service came to an end, the lights dimmed and the screens came alive with stories that demonstrate 40 years of business, people and changing lives. As Gregg took the stage he introduced an incredible person from Japan who displayed courage, bravery and selflessness during a recent natural disaster. The 40 Year Anniversary Book came to life through his story and everyone in attendance was not only gifted with the personal story of (insert name), but discovered their own books to take home were masked at the center of the table as a centerpiece all along. 

The evening was filled with fun and conversation, but the most memorable take away that evening was the book that would set the groundwork for the rest of the week.  

The Future of Aloe 

The second official day of Global Rally week, Tuesday, always begins with an information-packed training for 2.5K qualifiers and above. This training not only takes Forever Business Owners on deep dive into pertinent business questions and topics, but also introduces some of our top leaders to these hard working FBOs. 

This year, our Forever leaders shared the 5 keys to building a Forever business - drink more aloe and use the products, share the products, sponsor more people, be 4CC active and go for every incentive. Five of our Global Leadership Team members stepped up to talk about the areas of their business that focus on one of they key topics. 

From Plant to Product to You 

Fun isn't the only thing we have on Wednesday's Activity Day! This year it was filled with a magical behind the scenes tour of our Aloe Vera of America, the epicenter of Forever's operations. A record breaking 7,000+ FBOs and non-qualifiers toured the facilities, walking through the rows of raw ingredients, aloe vera and final products on their way out to their destination countries. 

Not only were FBOs able to see how the raw aloe vera gel and ingredients are brought in, but they also had the opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the Aloe Vera of America staff to learn just how much fun it is to create our final products. 

 The Tale of the Unicorn

Thursday, April 26th, qualifiers experienced a special training that not only reinforced the 40 reasons Forever is a company to love, but also introduced everyone in the room to new products and exciting motivation. 

Special guest Shawn Achor, who has recently been featured on Oprah's Super Soul Sessions and has released a new book on the big potential we all have, opened his training with a comedic, yet powerful story about his sister - the unicorn who landed on all four limbs when she fell off the bed during playtime. It's all about perspective and mindset, afterall! His story and the interactive training that followed proved to all the FBOs in the room that changing the way you think can change your life. 

Then, Gary Shreeve, Senior VP of Global Operations and Holly Stout, Director of Product Development, took the stage to share training on the newest Forever products - the Forever Aloe Vera Gel drinks, Sonya daily skincare system and Forever Active Pro-B. These in-depth trainings are the first look at what these new products have to offer and give these FBOs an in-person look to better share with their customers. 

 A Party at the Mansion 

Chairman's Bonus Party night is always an evening to remember, but this year had a little something more that was awe-inspiring. Celebrating at Southfork Ranch, the infamous home to the television show Dallas, was like celebrating in our backyard. 

A Texas-style rodeo kicked off the party, which led into country music dancing and outdoor fun. Chairman's Bonus and Global Rally qualifiers scattered across the grounds to chow down on some good 'ole Texas barbeque, ride the mechanical bull and tour the Ewing Mansion. 

We even had a visit from the Aloe Baby himself who roamed the grounds to have some fun with everyone. 

Chairman's Bonus Qualifiers collected their checks, still concealed of course, in preparation for the big reveal that was to come later in the evening. 

As the sun went down, the Forever Executives took the stage to count down to the big moment - the unveiling of Chairman's Bonus checks. Fireworks lit up the sky, queuing the crowd to cheer and celebrate their well-deserved bonus checks. 

A Spectacular on Stage 

The Global Rally Show really has it all - from exciting entertainment to heartfelt appreciation of the FBOs who have worked so diligently over the last year, the two days on the Rally stage are the perfect topping on an exhilarating week. 

The Global Events team gets ready for the show by setting up and rehearsing days before the big show starts. 

Global Rally qualifiers get ready to enter the venue. 

Qualifiers and guests find their seats in prepartion for show time. 

Gregg's keynote opens the entire Global Rally Show. 

Gregg shares what's inside the 40th Anniversary Book with the crowd. 

In honor of 40 years, Forever recognizes those FBOs who have been in the business since the beginning. 

The Global Rally entertainment draws cheers from the crowd. 

Chairman's Bonus qualifiers cross the stage to receive their checks. 

A special guest shares his story about how Rise Against Hunger has impacted his life. 

Forever recognizes the elite FBOs who have earned their way into the Global Leadership Team. 

Nando Parrado takes the stage to tell his story about teamwork, leadership and courage. 

India accepts their award for #3 Top Forever Sales Region. #2 -France , #1 - Japan 

Aidan O'Hare has some fun on stage to revealing Chairman's Bonus checks. 

Forever Global Rally 2019 is announced to be in Stockholm. 

Dominique and Rolf Kipp accept the top Chairman's Bonus check. 

Experience Global Rally and witness all the incredible moments for yourself! Qualification for 2019 runs through December 31, 2018, so keep working toward your goals and achieve this experience like no other.

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