A Wee Irish Lass Flourishes in Forever: The Lynett Maguire Story

When Lynett Maguire first heard about Forever Living, she had an awakening, “I don’t know how to explain it, but the idea ignited a fire in me that I just couldn’t switch off – I found myself thinking about it all the time.”

The youngest of three children, born and raised in Lisnaskea, a quaint little town in Northern Ireland, Lynett now lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband and two boys, Caden, age 5 and Harley, age 2.

When Lynett and her husband Colin first moved to Canada, she decided to go back to school to learn massage therapy. Happily self-employed as a massage therapist for the five years, she took the leap to becoming her own boss and rent out her own clinic. Family obligations and daycare costs quickly caught up with Lynett, and she had to put her career on hold and stay home. “It was one of the hardest personal decisions I ever had to make,” remembers Lynett.

In February of 2015, when her second son, Harley was just two weeks old, she learned about the Forever Business Opportunity. “I had wanted to find a feasible work from home option, and when I first learned about Forever I was all in. I said to myself, okay this is it. Go with your instincts,” she recalls. “Sending two children to daycare was not financially going to be an option, meaning I would become a full-time stay at home mom, so why not try a business and extra income around them.”

A Wee Irish Lass Flourishes in Forever

Driven, hardworking, and dedicated Lynett has a belief that life has limitless potential. “I always imagined that there was greatness available to me and to everyone, I just didn’t know up until that moment where mine would come from.

Lynett dove head first into Forever, learning as much as she could, watching videos, especially of her up-line and mentor, Emma Cooper. “I felt so inspired by her journey,” says Lynett. “She genuinely made me think, why not me? If Emma, a regular, everyday blue-collar girl from the UK can do it, then why not this wee Irish lass?”

Initially, her family wasn’t as supportive. “They were skeptical, warning that it could be a scam and to be careful. That made it challenging to start, but I knew through my four-months of research and soul-searching that it was right for me, and I was ready. I had so little to lose and such an incredible amount to gain,” remembers Lynett. “I told my husband, you have to trust me on this, I will make this money back and so much more.” Lynett stayed true to her word, earning back that money within her first month and hit Supervisor within the first five weeks of starting her business.

Learning on the Job

Going into Forever, Lynett says she had absolutely no background in sales and had no clue how she was going to grow her business. “I’ve always been disciplined, and had been self-employed before in several positions but this was all new. I just said YES this is for me, and YES I can be successful, and I taught myself the skills needed to move forward.”

For Lynett, efficiency was the key to her success. “I had a couple of kids, a husband working away, and it meant I had to be even more efficient with my time. To be honest, being a mother of a newborn and four-year-old as I started my journey made the first year a bit of a blur. I just had this overwhelming desire burning in me to make sure that I achieved the goals I set out for myself.

Climbing the Mountain

Lynett says her journey with Forever has been a roller coaster of highs and lows, though there have been mostly highs. “I built my business by booking stalls at fairs that allowed me to showcase the products and get in front of people. To tell the Forever story, who we are, and present the products,” says Lynett. “There were lows, disheartening situations that can be a real kick-in-the-pants, but if you can sleep them off, wake up the next morning taking what positives you can from them and move on, it only develops your resilience and develops you as a person and business owner. I can’t stress this enough, this business really is 80% mindset, and 20% skill – you have to get right back on the horse.”

One of the most powerful parts of this business for Lynett is the time she’s had with her children. “I’ve never missed a single first. I choose when I want to work. It’s so fulfilling to set goals and achieve them and see the fruits of my labor. Forever has truly given my life excitement knowing that I can have complete control over my finances and design and achieve the life I desire through my own hard work,” explains Lynett.

Lynett Shares Her Top 3 Tips for Other FBOs

1. Create a Vision Board

Get connected to ‘why’ you are doing this business because that's going to be the driving force that gets you out of bed in the morning and be the thing that drives your business forward.

2. Work on Your Mindset Daily

Strengthen and fill your mind with positive thoughts, whether it’s reading 10 pages of a book, watching motivational videos online, practicing affirmations, meditating, whatever works for you.

3. Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Be patient and trust the process, if you do the daily activity required and touch your business every single day, then you’ll see growth. Strive to put yourself out there, whether it’s on social media, at in-person events or just as you're going through your normal daily routine. 

Looking Toward the Future

As Lynett, looks toward the future, she’s planning a trip to Memphis, Tennessee with her parents. “One of my main goals when I started this business was to be able to give my parents their lifelong dream of going to Graceland and visiting the home of Elvis Presley. Because of Forever, I can give them this trip of a lifetime this summer.”

Lynett has already achieved Recognized Manager and is now thinking long-term. She says her goal for the future is to still be strongly involved in this business 20+ years from now and be in the position of someone like Jayne Leach, Executive Global Leadership Team member. “She has achieved such great success and still has such incredible passion and humility to share this business with as many people as possible to change their lives.”

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