A Week in the Life of a Student FBO

Soaring Manager Anna Terry started her Forever business in March 2014. She was half way through studying for her PhD and her income was so low she had to resort to moving back home with her parents – for Anna this felt slightly demoralizing and she began to wonder what direction her future would take…

The path of academia wasn’t exactly Anna’s first choice, but the postgraduate experience did expose her to a ‘laptop lifestyle’ – a relaxed way of working that relies on self-motivation, dedication and flexibility. She may have been a student, but Anna was also her own boss, and time-management, juggling priorities and organization were skills Anna became very proficient in. 

Still unsure of where to take her career after her PhD, Anna began to research into this idea of building a business from a laptop, and through this she discovered a way of working that seemed to boast time-freedom AND an income potential that was caught her attention! 

Despite the appeal of the laptop lifestyle, when Anna first came across Forever she could not help but feel skeptical; she approached the business with caution, but signed up and worked the opportunity around her studies. The first six months were a struggle but Anna’s mindset changed, her skepticism dwindled, and she made Manager in seven months.

There is always something to learn in Forever and we are all students of our trade; the most successful entrepreneurs are those who are open to continual professional development, and those who, like Anna, actively seek to learn. Anna’s attitude, approach and success is extremely impressive, and she has now finished her PhD. Such an achievement is a product of dedicated and persistent activity, and so we wanted to catch up with Anna to find out exactly what it was that she did in an average week back when she was a student trying to build her business.


  • Work on mindset
  • Study
  • Tell new people about the opportunity

I always started Monday morning (and every morning) by working on my mindset. My PhD took a huge emotional toll on me and it took everything I had

to get up and drive to that office every morning! Working on my mindset also kept me focused on what I needed to do to push my business forward. I would usually get to my PhD office around 9am and work until 8-9pm, but there was always the opportunity to take breaks and visit the shops or local cafe. This is where I would make new friends, as wherever I went I would talk about Forever. One time I met a lady who had bought a hamster cage from me off eBay. I gave her my contact details, we connected on Facebook, and seven weeks later she was my first frontline Manager! Sharing this amazing opportunity is so important, and if you aren’t sharing it, then in my opinion, you’re just being selfish.


  • Study 
  • Listen to a business training

On a Tuesday morning I would be back in my PhD office, but I often spent a Tuesday evening hosting or listening to our weekly ‘Rolling Trainings’. This is a six-week rolling online program that is designed to give our team the basic but essential skills needed to build a successful Forever business.

If your team isn't currently running these types of trainings, I highly suggest you start them!


  • Study 
  • Contact Manager
  • Attend BP 

One really important activity that benefited me was actively ensuring that I regularly caught up and kept in touch with my downline Managers. Looking after and developing your leaders is so important – they are very special people who have overcome a lot of hurdles to reach their position, and so you can always learn a lot from them. A Wednesday evening was the night of our local Business Presentation (BP) and I would ensure that I was there every week to support it. Attending and supporting your local Business Presentation is essential to your success; it will help you to learn how to present the business to others in a professional way, and it’s also a great social event – never pass up an opportunity to spend time with other successful Forever Business Owners!

If there aren't any BPs close to you, check out Youtube for some great examples and get started! 


  • Study
  • One-to-one meeting
  • Hosting a business launch 

I had a lot of flexibility with my PhD so if something came up that would help me to build my business I felt able to take up the opportunity. One activity that was paramount to me building my business was having regular one-to-one meetings. Meeting people over coffee is definitely my favorite way to share the Business Presentation as it’s far more personal, which I think carries more weight. On a typical Thursday evening I would host a business launch for one of my new team members. This is a supportive role as often it will be the first time the team member introduces the products and business opportunity to their family and friends. Business launches are so important when you’re starting out in your Forever business; they help it all to feel ‘official’ and it’s a great way to kick off your regular customer base.


  • Study
  • Spend time with family 

Friday evenings were usually my night off to relax or spend time with family. My PhD was extremely stressful and whilst my business helped me to switch off and stay connected to people, it was always good to just have a night to myself or with friends and family. It’s so important to try and find a balance, whilst staying focused on your goals.


  • Team planning meeting
  • Company training 

My Saturday afternoons were usually occupied by planning meetings with my team; I quickly realized that it was important to focus on the activity of my team members to make sure they were on track. Alternatively I would attend a training myself. Since starting my business I have never missed a Success Express event, and I would also regularly attend a Head Office training or any other Forever trainings that were available to FBOs. Occasionally I would even attend non-Forever trainings if I felt the topic would benefit my business. 


  • Study
  • Socialize
  • ​Armchair training

I’d usually try to dedicate Sunday daytimes purely to working on my studies or meeting up with friends, but a Sunday evening was (and is) our ‘Sunday Armchair Training’. This is a thirty-minute online training full of recognition and testimonials from people within the team. Firstly we will recognize everyone who has sponsored during the previous two weeks, and we’d also recognize a retailer of the last two weeks who has done exceptionally well on the retailing side of the business. We will pick a topic to train on and we’ll also have guest speakers. This is a great event that’s essential to morale, but it also encourages team members to step out of their comfort zone and share tips and tricks.

There is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to building a Forever business, but consistent activity and a willingness to learn from other FBOs are certainly factors that will be of benefit. Anna Terry had to be extremely disciplined to ensure she kept up this routine, and it would have been very easy for her to ditch the business in favor of focusing on her studies. I’m sure at times this may have even crossed her mind, but ultimately she saw the potential of Forever, she was captured by the vision, and she had the self-belief to carry her through.