Plant to Product to You: All About Aloe

Aloe Vera is the primary ingredient in many of our phenomenal products, which is why we take great care in making sure that we harvest only the best. There may be 400 species of Aloe plants found in arid regions throughout the world, but there is only one species that has been recognized for millennia for its magically soothing abilities… Aloe Barbadensis Miller. It is known for soothing minor burns, comforting and moisturizing stressed skin and even helping to aid in your skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself.

With science, innovation and our devoted research and development team, Forever is the only completely vertically integrated Aloe Vera company in the world, and we are dedicated to bringing the best Aloe Vera directly to you.


At Forever, it is often said “anything less than the best will never do,” and we believe that there is no better place to begin setting the bar for the highest standards in the industry than right where it all begins, at our Aloe plantations.

In order to maintain complete quality control over our Aloe, Forever owns and controls 100% of its Aloe plantations in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas and the 6,500-acre plantation in the Dominican Republic—the largest in the world. We have complete control of the planting season, plant selection, methods of fertilization and weed control, seasons of harvest, processing, storage and delivery. Most importantly, it means that when processed Aloe Vera gel arrives at our manufacturing facility, there is absolutely no question as to the quality of the source.

When it comes to harvesting and processing Aloe, our scientific leadership is devoted to ensuring that we have the freshest, most potent product available. The way we see it, nature has given us a wonderful gift in Aloe, and our scientists are focused upon developing its full potential. With that in mind, our special harvesting and patented stabilization processes are constantly evolving in order to ensure that we preserve Aloe in its freshest form and maintain the maximum benefits possible. 

To this day we maintain hand planting, harvesting and processing techniques in order to preserve the deepest levels of quality control. With the perfect balance of soil, the ideal temperature and just the right amount of rainfall, we grow quality into the Aloe plants. On our Dominican Republic plantation, we have over 30 million plants and harvest over 1 million pounds of Aloe per week!


When Forever Living Founder Rex Maughan envisioned the dynamics of what was to become Forever, one of the fundamental aspects was the ability to provide the highest quality products on the planet. Rex’s devotion to quality has never changed or been compromised.

Forever Living demands nothing less than the most exemplary quality at every step of every process to ensure the quality of our harvested Aloe. We remain equally diligent in making sure that it arrives at our manufacturing facility in pristine form. 

Leaves are processed within hours in order to ensure that the freshest Aloe Vera gel arrives intact with all its inherent qualities so that at no point in time are we working with anything less than the purest source material on the planet. 

As you might have gathered, we think about Aloe Vera… a lot. This miracle plant is not only the inspiration, but the foundation behind our ever evolving skin care, weight management, cosmetics, nutrition and personal care product lines. It drives the constant innovation of our research and development team and allows us to innovate every year with new and better products. It’s been said, “The more we know about Aloe Vera, the more we love it!”

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