How much time do you spend shaving? Really think about it! Now, with all that time, wouldn’t you want to use a shaving gel that you believe in?

You wake up with a routine that makes you step out and feel confident to conquer each day. When you pick up your favorite products, you have faith in what they are doing for your skin. As experts in Aloe, we know it’s the best product to help soothe and protect you from the irritating process of shaving.

Preservative free, paraben free and alcohol free, Aloe Shave will make you crave lathering up just for the great feeling it leaves. Aloe Vera locks moisture into the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and well-hydrated, while also creating a protective layer between you and the blade. What used to be your daily chore of shaving is now your daily nourishment and just another way you look better and feel better!

Plus, Aloe Shave uses the latest patented technology in its packaging with an all-plastic dispenser that is environmentally friendly. It has no propellants, no metal parts and no unnecessary waste! That means you can feel great using it every day and you never have to worry about stepping out with embarrassing unwanted hair.

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