Arizona - a Land of Big Ideas

Back in 1980, just a couple years after Forever began, I wrote that happiness doesn’t come from material things, nice weather or a beautiful home. It’s a byproduct of our service to our fellow human beings. That very year marked a major milestone: the first time Forever achieved $1 million in orders in a single day! Every dollar was earned in the service of helping others look better, feel better and discover the Forever opportunity.

Our Forever Business Owners have carried the Forever torch proudly for 40 years, helping more and more people change their lives. Our explosive early growth and today’s continued success is a testament to your passion and determination for helping others. It's the happiness that I observe within each of you at our Forever events that makes me truly proud of what we have done as a Forever family. 

Eagle Manager's Retreat is one of our ways to honor you and your achievements, not only by showing you a great time in a beautiful location, but through training and networking. This inspiration combined with your effort and hard work will help your Forever business reach new heights. I'm delighted and eager to finally bring Eagle Manager's Retreat home so you can enjoy one of Forever's bright and fun-filled events where it all started 40 years ago. 

I said back in 1978 that the bigness of a person’s life, now and forever, will be measured by the size of their ideas today. My idea started right here in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona and did indeed turn into something big. Bigger, in fact, than I ever could have imagined. Now is your time to discover where your ideas will take you and EMR18 is the perfect place to realize them.

I can’t wait to welcome all of you home, to the city where Forever first came to life. 

Forever Yours, 
Rex Maughan