Jim Boggus shares insight on AVA

Jim Boggus, Manufacturing Manager at Aloe Vera of America (AVA), is in charge of the compounding and blending of Forever’s products as well as their packaging. If Aloe Vera of America were a chocolate factory, we’d call him ‘Willy Wonka’…

“I love the products so much, because I know what’s in them. It makes me feel great that I can give our products to my family, and I am 100% confident in their quality. I also love being the best at something… What we produce here at AVA supports thousands of people locally and millions around the world. It’s an amazing feeling and makes me very proud of what I do.”

Jim’s latest project, the installation of a VMI platform is one of AVA’s greatest investments towards refining the manufacturing process of our household goods and flawless by Sonya cosmetics.

In fact, Jim says “This is state of the art equipment and technology for cosmetic and household products. It is also the largest, most technologically advanced of it’s design, and combined capacity, in the world.” In short, he boasts we have “the Rolls Royce” of mixing equipment at AVA!

He worked with top engineering companies to design this custom packaging and blending equipment, an over 5.5 million dollar ‘improvement’.

“The blending technique has three types of agitation inside of it built into the tank, so we can induct all of our ingredients without ever having to stand on a ladder. Basically, we’re introducing raw materials directly into the tank, so there’s no need to recirculate the product and have it go through a secondary process. The process is now all in one vessel.”

This is some really exciting technology, but what does it really mean? AVA will now be able to manufacture its products much faster! For example, it used to take about 24 hours to produce a bottle of our Aloe MPD – now, it will only take about 8 hours!

Forever Living Products is willing to make such a sizable investment because we want to be around for the next 30, 50, even 100 years making the highest quality, safest and most efficient products on the market today.

Other companies have told Jim that our blending and packaging equipment is the greatest they’ve seen in the world. Jim proudly states, “Safety, quality and efficiency are our priorities, and the VMI platform is the right tool for the job. Our Distributors can be confident that we have the highest state of the art equipment for their products. Forever is going to redefine the industry. It’s not a question of whether we will or not, it’s simply a matter of when!”

And this is just a snapshot of what’s been going on at AVA. Stay tuned for more articles on the latest advances that have taken place, and more reasons why you can be sure you are distributing the highest quality products in the global market today.

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