Becoming a Great Host

Movie depictions of Greeks often show gatherings and celebration. Anyone who has seen movies like Mama Mia or My Big Fat Greek Wedding know that they speak to an openness and a welcoming that, while might be a caricature on film, is very true to the spirit of the Greek people. The generosity and the hospitality in the Greek culture not only impresses me, but also makes me appreciate the things I can learn from people around the world. It really got me thinking about hospitality as it relates to your business and meeting new people.

Xenia, or hospitality, is a concept that appears throughout classical Greek mythology. Usually, it's demonstrated through someone extending hospitality to a humble stranger, sometimes a beggar who appears to offer nothing in return. Upon being greeted with kindness and hospitality, the stranger reveals his true identity as a deity and rewards the host with gifts. 

This concept is important in the Greek culture, not only as a prevailing value that teaches people about generosity, but also as a lesson in perception. There’s something more to it than just being a great host. There is power in opening your mind and heart to new people in the world. Like these disguised deities, each person has a unique gift to offer and when you are kind, generous and welcoming to new people, you actually benefit more than the other person.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Well, this is exactly how you should approach every new person you meet. You may not know if this person will turn out to be a super star in the business, but you should always treat them as they will be. 

Never limit yourself by judging whether someone is able to bring value to your life. People can surprise you. They can help you overcome your own challenges and lead you to learn more about yourself. Xenia teaches us that being welcoming actually opens the door for people to impact our lives positively. 

Treat every new person as the first person you've ever recruited, with the same opportunity, the same attention and the same fully-invested belief - you'll be amazed at the result!

Forever yours, 

Rex Maughan 

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