Beginning a New Chapter

Don't you think that a huge part of being successful lies in our ability to rise above our circumstances and environment? I have seen success in the craziest of places. In regions where crisis, conflict or economic woes would suggest that nothing could be achieved, yet they excel. I have seen FBO’s achieve incredible financial and personal growth within our company when a quick look at their experiences and resume would suggest that success was unlikely.

I am not sure what the quality is called that allows a person or even a country to excel against adversity. Whatever it is called, South Korea has a lot of it. It is a vibrant and proud nation of over 50 million people.  How do I share my thoughts about our newest addition to our Forever Family in a short letter?  Well let’s start with its flag.

There is a lot you may not know about the South Korean flag. Also known as the Taegukgi, the flag is decorated with symbols and colors that represent Eastern Asian philosophies. You’ll notice the yin and the yang in the middle represent balance in their country, the white background represents peace, the circle itself represents unity and the four black trigrams represent movement and harmony.

A lot of power exists in this flag, which is why I’m excited to welcome it to our hall of flags at the Home Office that represents all of the places Forever operates around the world.  I love it when we have the opportunity to open in a new area.  It gives us a chance to look at our business from a fresh and new perspective, we are unlocking the potential to step into a new space and expand our surroundings.

Welcome to the Forever Family South Korea, I know we will become a better, stronger company because of the contribution of your culture and your people.  This month, as we open the doors to a new chapter in South Korea we are adding pages to the Forever story. This is an exciting time to be part of Forever as it grows because this opportunity doesn’t limit you. It challenges you to go outside of your comfort zone and enter into new territories, to find that nameless quality that stirs within us that drives us to succeed, just like South Korea, against all odds!

Keep Smiling,

Gregg Maughan

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