At Global Rally in Singapore, Jayne Leach spoke about the power of vision. She defined vision as the ability to see something long before it actually becomes visible. To be successful in Forever you must have the vision to believe that you can achieve greatness, make a plan and then work to see it through. It’s time to catch the vision of Forever™ Essential Oils!

Whether aromatherapy is new to you or you have been using aromatics and essential oils in your daily lives for years, Forever™ Essential Oils will bring a new dynamic to your business. To share Forever™ Essential Oils you must first understand the power of the aromatherapy market. In 2014, the aromatherapy market was over $25.3 billion and growing! Think of all of the people that you know or share Forever with that are already using aromatherapy and would be interested in learning why Forever™ Essential Oils are the best products available on the market today.

Next, make yourself an aromatherapy expert. How are the products used? Where? By Who? Essential oils have so many uses it would be impossible to know all of them, but by knowing some key ways the products help others look and feel better, you can speak intelligently about the product line and give your customers and downline confidence in the product and in you. Aromatherapy can be diffused throughout the home, your car or anywhere else you would use fragrance. It can be mixed with carrier oil and applied to the skin, and some of them can even be ingested. The best part? The whole family can benefit from the power of Forever™ Essential Oils! If you find ways that you love to use the oils, sharing them becomes even easier!

Now that you understand the power of aromatherapy, take some time to learn why Forever™ Essential Oils are the best products available on the market today. Since 1978, Forever has traveled all over the world to find the purest natural ingredients to use in our products and we’ve done it again! Sourced from all over the world and 100% pure with no synthetic fillers, Forever™ Essential Oils are nature’s purest botanical essences harnessed especially for you! Understand the sources and uses of these amazing products so you can speak confidently to your downline, customers and prospective FBOs!

Once you understand the sources, ingredients and benefits of Forever™ Essential Oils, it’s time to share the products!

To learn more about the sources, ingredients and uses of Forever™ Essential Oils, and to watch Jayne Leach’s entire training on Building A Manager Business with Forever™ Essential Oils, visit

Business Building Tip:
Use Forever™ Essential Oils in meetings, trainings, product launches and presentations to show how easy the product is to use. Because of the way that the sense of smell works with the brain, the effects of essential oils can be instantaneous, giving your downline, customers and potential FBOs an instant, positive interaction with the product!

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