Build Your Business with Balance

Forever isn't just a business based on helping people find balance in their lives, it's a business that proves with harmony, they can rise to great success. When we sought to initiate the Eagle Manager incentive in 2011, we knew it needed to help our FBOs in every area of their business. It needed to encourage them to find a rhythm and a balance that could create momentum and generate success. 

Our Eagle Managers are proof that balance yields attainment. By achieving each of the core requirements of the incentive, Eagle Managers are in an equilibrium that moves their business forward. These core requirements are: accumulate at least 720 total case credits, of which at least 100 are new, plus, personally sponsor and develop two new Supervisor lines during the incentive qualification period, remain Active and qualify for Leadership Bonus. These core requirements are built around Forever's 4 CORE principles:  recruitment, retention, development and productivity, which are how as a company and as individuals, we can measure balance. 

Recruitment: We measure it by how many people you welcome into the Forever opportunity that make a first order. In the Eagle requirements, it is quantified through developing two new Supervisors. 

Retention: The number of repeat orders coming in through your downline tell us how you’re doing with retention. In the Eagle requirements, it is calculated through the 720 cases required for the incentive. 

Productivity: Use more products and share more products is a way to describe this area of 4 CORE. It is measured by the wholesale value of all orders in your business divided by the number of people ordering. In the Eagle requirements, it can be assessed by achieving 100 new cases as you build and grow your business.

Development: This is the measurement of how well your Forever business is developing. Are FBOs in your downline moving through the marketing plan and achieving incentives? Are you building new Eagles in your downline?

As you can probably guess, focusing too much on one aspect of 4 CORE or not giving another area enough attention will throw your Forever business out of balance.  Nurturing each area of the 4 CORE equally will help you keep a better eye on the health of your business and offer opportunities for growth and improvement. 

If you didn’t qualify for Eagle Manger this year, don’t get discouraged. Instead, think hard about which areas of the 4 CORE you can improve on. What can you do to put your Forever business into balance? I can't wait to see you soar!

Keep smiling, 

Gregg Maughan 
President, Forever Living Products