Building a Legacy

The purpose of life is not only to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Over the past several weeks, the Forever family has suffered some tremendous losses; Forever Business Owners, a leader in our industry, a Country Manager. I can’t tell you how sad I was to hear this news and how much I’ve thought of their friends and families through this difficult time. As I’ve thought about each of these individuals over the last few weeks, I’ve been struck by the impression that each has left on our Forever family, and the world.  

Through their compassion, hard work and dedication to help others, each of these people has left a legacy that will have a ripple effect throughout their communities, countries and really, the world.  Though it has shaken us to learn of their passing, through this service to others, their legacies live on.

One of these people was the very embodiment of determination.  He built a successful Forever business in one of our largest countries in terms of land mass but lowest population density.  When your closest neighbors are miles away over rugged and sparse terrain, you must work very hard, day by day, over many years to build a successful business. You must be dedicated and hard working.  Every mile he traveled to share his passion about Forever’s products and business built a part of his legacy.

Another opened one of our countries and forged a new path. His kindness and drive directly led to the success of many FBOs, yet he never sought the spotlight. He saw the value in celebrating others’ success and lifting them up to accomplish their dreams. Every smile and kind word shared, every value instilled in a new Forever Business Owner, another part of his legacy.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to cross paths with someone whose spirit seems larger than life itself. This member of the Forever Family quickly became a leader in our business, not just in her country – but all over the world. Her passion was truly contagious, her belief in building up those around her, unwavering and these spread like wildfire to everyone who was fortunate enough to hear her speak.  Each person she shared her knowledge and inspiration with continues to add to her legacy. 

The lessons learned from these individuals are many. We are all afforded an amazing opportunity each day to create a part of our own legacies. Every choice we make, every life we touch, ever life that touches ours, these are the connections and impressions that can truly make a difference between a life lived and a life lived well. 

Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan