Choose the Right Workout

You have a lot of variety to choose from, in fact, four different types of exercise: aerobic, strength, flexibility and balance.

Aerobic exercises are all about endurance and lead to increased breathing and heart rate. A brisk walk, jogging, dancing, gardening, skipping, swimming and sports like tennis can all be classified as aerobic exercises. These activities keep your circulation and lungs in check, helping to prevent illnesses such as heart disease.

Strength exercises refer to exercises you perform with weights, resistance bands or when using resistance machines at the gym. Exercises that require you to lift your own body weight, such as squats and press ups, also fall under this category. Such exercises can help to strengthen your bones and muscles, and older adults will find them particularly important as they carry out everyday tasks such as carrying the shopping bags or keeping one’s balance.

Exercises that improve your flexibility are the least essential of the four, but if you do choose activities that improve your flexibility, you can also help to maintain a wide range of motion. Diseases like arthritis can limit one’s range of motion so regularly stretching parts of the body or practicing yoga can help to keep your body limber for longer.

Balance helps support agility and prevent injury, yet many of us still take our balance for granted. If you don’t want to fall victim to, well, falling, then it’s important to start integrating exercises that help to minimize risk. Standing on one foot and heel-to-toe walking are simple solutions, or, if you want something more intentional, you could try practicing tai chi. 

Top Tips for Staying in Shape

•  Enjoy a post-workout snack – don’t obsess over the calories, you need a snack to refuel and recover
•  Perfect your technique – incorrect exercises will be ineffective
•  Choose short-term goals – long-term goals could cause you to  feel overwhelmed
•  Find a friend – working out with someone can keep you in check, plus you can chat while you jog
•  Don’t deny yourself indulgences– going cold turkey will only lead to relapsing
•  Count your reps backwards – you’ll think about what you have left rather than what you’ve done
•  Start with the exercise you dislike – avoidance probably highlights a weakness you need  to combat
•  Drink a protein shake immediately after you exercise – you’re more likely to gain muscle
•  Keep a workout journal –  monitoring your progress will  keep you motivated
•  Don’t over train – rest days give your body time to repair; this can make muscles stronger

Using these tips to choose the right workout and stay in shape can keep you looking better and feeling better all year round. Just remember to find time to workout, whatever exercise it is, to ensure you're leading a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you can always amp up your strength and nutrition by incorporating some of our favorite Forever products like ARGI+, Forever Move and Forever Lite Ultra. 

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