Vital5® Now Available on the F.I.T. App

Vital5® is now available on the F.I.T. app!

Forever’s popular F.I.T. app now includes Vital5® functionality so you won’t miss a beat during your program.

If you’ve done the Clean 9™ or F15® programs then you already know how the F.I.T. app makes it easy to stay on track and succeed. We're making it just as easy for anyone on the Vital5® program.

  • Get your supplement schedule on-the-go
  • Check off the supplements you’ve already taken
  • Monitor water intake
  • Track your progress
  • Unlock awards

If you haven’t tried Vital5®, now’s a great time to get started. Forever’s Vital5® pak combines five favorite Forever products that were specifically chosen to provide your body with key nutrients and vitamins.

The F.I.T. app will help you get the most out of this program by acting as your digital companion. It’s available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Now, those who are brand new to any of our fitness combo paks can use the F.I.T. app as a guide through the entire wellness journey. Download the app today! 


FBO pro-tip: the business-boosting power of the F.I.T. app is stronger than ever!

Encourage your customers to download the F.I.T. app. They’ll have access to motivation, accountability and all the tools needed for success in the F.I.T. program. You can even start a challenge and invite your customers to take up the torch!

And don’t stop there. The F.I.T. app allows you to have multiple challenges and groups going at the same time. Challenge your friends, family, downline and customer groups and help them achieve their goal of looking and feeling better!

*Revised September 12, 2018