Creating a Foundation that Lasts

In the wake of the hurricanes that hit the United States and the Caribbean recently, Ruth, the entire Forever organization and I want to extend our deepest condolence to all those who have lost their homes, their loved ones or have been affected in any way. It’s during these times that we realize how resilient we can be as a community and how powerful it is to work together. But, another story resonated with me through all of this. The preparation that many city and state officials were making in advance helped prove that long-term fortitude is so much more effective than short-term effort.

Planning is essential. Otherwise, actions and decisions are only quick judgements that can be disastrous. While watching the news, I’d listen to these officials share how their planning consisted of not only weeks, but years of developing strategies for their communities in preparation for times like these. Each year they reinforce their plans to ensure they’re prepared, even if the storms are not significant. This long-term planning is what makes communities and people incredibly strong; strong enough to withstand the immediate effects of any hurricane. More importantly, it gives them strength to rebuild afterwards, despite the damage they couldn’t prevent.  

Part of the planning includes developing buildings and structures with hurricanes in mind. They are built to stand up against wind and storm surges, so that they can safeguard what is important.

When you have something valuable that you’re trying to protect, what effort are you willing to put into it? How far are you willing to plan to ensure its safety? As a Forever Business Owner, it is important to protect your business and all the effort you have put into it. The key is to create a deep foundation and structure, so you can withstand changes in the economy or any other challenges you may face during your journey.

Time and time again we’ve proven that a business that is deep-rooted, fortified and built on solid foundations will last. What you have to do is develop your infrastructure and build to rise up against any external pressures. You have to reinforce your business with a team that has these same values. It’s not just about having the bravery to stand up in the midst of the storm, but having the courage and foresight to plan for what hasn’t even happened.

Thank you to everyone who helped Forever Giving during the hurricane relief efforts. Because of your generosity, Forever Giving donated to Rise Against Hunger and sent tens of thousands of meals to the areas affected. Forever will continue to help in any way we can during current relief efforts, and your contributions will help us greatly in making an impact now and in the future.

Forever Yours,

Rex Maughan
CEO, Forever Living Products