Developing a Mission

A new year is upon us! By now, you have set your New Year’s resolutions and you’ve thought about what you’d like to accomplish in 2018. That’s an essential part of being a successful Forever Business Owner.  Whether it’s to get Forever F.I.T. or to double your sales, goals make us stronger and more likely to achieve the life we want. A major part of the goal setting process that is often forgotten or ignored is the development of core principles or a personal mission statement.

At Forever, we have a mission statement that we’ve gone by for years. It guides us through making decisions about the Marketing Plan, the products and the incentives. More importantly, it helps us nurture the environment and culture that Forever has thrived on for almost 40 years. Our mission statement represents how we do things as a company and it will guide us through our 2x sales goal over the next five years.

Our Mission: We will create a profitable environment where individuals can, with dignity, be what they want to be. Where integrity, empathy and fun are our guides. We will create and cherish a passion for, and belief in, our company, our products and our industry. We will seek knowledge and balance and above all, we will be courageous as we lead our company and Forever Business Owners.

As we head into 2018, you’ll hear a lot about our five focuses for the next five years – Aloe Vera, product perfection, 15% increase in sales, engaging the right people and sharing why we are Forever Proud. You may have heard us say before that first and foremost are our FBOs. You are the reason Forever continues to flourish all over the world, so it is our duty to put your needs first. To do this, we must focus on the values that are promised through our mission statement – to create a company where you thrive and to courageously lead you to achieving your dreams.  

Our mission statement is in front of our staff at the Home Office daily, just before they board the elevators to enter the building. They not only see it every day, they live and breathe it. Many of them have it memorized. This is true! Test them next time you see a Forever staff member.

Without seeing the mission statement daily, it’s easy to get distracted. Having the mission statement written somewhere prominent gives our minds a gentle reminder each day that there’s a purpose to the sometimes stressful or long work day. There are people counting on us.

January is a great month to look at your goals with a refreshed outlook and to dig a little deeper into your personal mission. I encourage you to write out your mission statement. It doesn’t have to be long, but it needs to be truthful. It must remind you of what you believe in and your purpose. Look at it every day to help keep you on track to achieve your goals for the next 5 years and beyond.  

Happy New Year!

Keep Smiling,
Gregg Maughan 

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