Eagle Manager's Retreat 2016

What does it mean to be an Eagle Manager? It's about building a business that allows you to have more freedom in your life, getting together once a year with other FBOs who are on the top of their game at an exotic location and gaining the insight, motivation and business lessons from top leaders in the Forever world to make your business even better. 

Being an Eagle Manager is really about soaring as high as you can with your Forever business while understanding the fundamental things you need to do to build a business with stability and the potential to unlock greater incentives. Plus, getting to experience Eagle Manager's Retreat is where you really begin to understand what makes us an international Forever family. 

"Seeing thousands of Eagle Managers in the room makes you realize you're truly part of something special. Everybody was passionate about Forever," said Eagle Managers Earl and Belle Garcia who have attended since 2013. "Seeing people from all over the world, different faces, colors, clothes, tells us that Forever spans the globe and breaks through languages and cultures."

This year, we packed up our bags and jetted off to the gorgeous coast of Greece for intensive training, a bit of fun and a lot of motivation to dream big. From the beautiful, scenic Mediterranean Sea views to the luxurious accommodations, Costa Navarino proved to be hands down one of the best resorts Eagle Managers have ever experienced. 

"Costa Navarino is almost a luxury oasis of sorts," said Altaf Badal, first-time Eagle. "You truly think you have entered another planet and it is luxury living on another level."

Eagle Manager's Retreat gives you time to explore a new culture, perhaps like yachting or going on a scenic hike along the coastline. You may even be able to explore ancient castles, as some of this year's Eagles did. 

It may be all fun, but it wasn't all games. One of the key experiences of the Eagle program is getting down to business with Forever executives, Global Leadership Team, new Eagles and veteran Eagles. The power of learning from each of these groups with specific, practical business building information is invaluable. You really don't get another opportunity to be this close and this detailed with leaders. 

"The best part of the training is seeing the best of the best in Forever but most of all, watching and listening to Rex's very inspirational message and Gregg's Greek mythology lesson in relation to our Forever business," said Rhodora and Manny Banasihan, Eagle Managers. 

We don't just boast this training because we think it's great. We know it works. It's proven. In fact, there were about 40 Eagles who have qualified each of the six years that the Eagle program has existed. Their businesses continue to grow and have stayed steady for more than six years! 

"The trainings are truly top-notch. Your business will never be the same again. So goal for Eagle and help as many in your team achieve it as well," said the Garcia's.

Plus, when it comes down to qualifying for other incentives, being an Eagle helps you get there. Not only do you have the support and business ethic you need, but you also have the tools that can get you there. Did you know that 67% of Eagles will go on to qualify for a Chairman's Bonus check? 

Check out all of the photos from the event at foreverfotos.com and see even more reasons why you don't won't to miss out next year! Qualify for Eagle Manager's Retreat 2017 for a chance to cruise down the Mediterranean and experience not just one exotic location, but three! Visit Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Rome with Forever and experience this powerful incentive for yourself! 

There are six months left to qualify. Learn how you can soar like an Eagle.  

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