Eagle Manager's Retreat 2018

What it means to be an eagle  

Eagle Manager is an important incentive in the Forever Marketing Plan. It's likely  you've heard about the Eagle Manager’s Retreat if you follow our social media pages or our Forever Business Owners as it's one of the biggest events we host each year and is a special treat for the determined FBOs who qualify to attend. 

Our latest retreat, EMR18, took place in Scottsdale, Arizona in October, drawing FBOs from all over the world! We welcomed them home to where our headquarters is located to share the history of 40 years in business. 


World class training  

Forever training is truly an experience unlike any other and EMR18 was no exception. Eagle Managers from all over the world packed the session, proudly wearing Forever colors and waving their country's flags.  

With the music turned up loud, the whole crowd got to their feet and shook the walls with cheers and thunderous applause before and after each speaker took the stage. It's this excitement and passion that makes these trainings even better! 

Eagle Manager training is unique because it provides exclusive knowledge that helps business grow even further. They are trainings shared from either Global Leadership Team members who have extensive experience growing successful Forever businesses or Forever Business Owners who have become Eagle Managers and are on a direct path toward leadership. These trainings are intimate and powerful, which ignite the passion of Eagle Managers in the room, so they can go home excited and ready to work harder for their next goal. 


Networking with other eagles 

Those in attendance spanned several generations of Forever, from first-time qualifiers to members of the Global Leadership Team (some who have been with Forever for over 20 years) and every level in between. There’s no better time to talk with others about how they built their business and overcame many of the same common challenges. This event takes place on one resort property, so the chances of networking and meeting other like-minded Eagle Managers are much better. 

Everyone at EMR understands that nobody achieves Eagle Manager alone. Growth happens by bringing others along on their journey and nurturing relationships. That spirit was alive and well at EMR18 and is something that every group of Eagle Managers left feeling empowered by.


Fun and relaxation  

Arizona is not just the birthplace of Forever, it’s also a great place to unwind and have a little fun. At EMR18, Eagle Managers had plenty of extra time to lounge by the pool, enjoy world-class cuisine, tour the Forever offices and manufacturing facility Forever Nutraceutical and see the sights of the beautiful Sonoran Desert.  

Of course, the pinnacle of entertainment was Foreverpalooza, a party and concert that took place in perfect weather under the stars. Cover band Pop Fiction played hits from the 70s and 80s while the crowd, dressed as their favorite musicians, danced and sang along. This was a perfect end to the fun! 


Becoming an Eagle  

Just like you, Eagle Managers have a passion for the products, which is what inspired them to first become Forever Business Owners. 

The first step along the Forever journey is making the leap from customer to FBO. Then, by putting in the effort to help others look better, feel better and achieve their Forever dream, your business can grow as a result. You’ll see bigger bonus checks, a larger team and higher retail income when you put in the effort. 

When you join Forever Living Products, you're joining a company that has been in business for 40 years helping people achieve their dreams. Incentive likes Eagle Manager exist to celebrate, recognize and further help FBOs become the business owners they desire. Are you ready to take the next step?

Contact a Forever Business Owner and start working toward your dreams. 

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