EMR 2018: Touching Down in Phoenix

In Greek mythology, the Phoenix regenerates and is reborn. Just as the Phoenix is reborn out of the ashes, so do our Eagle Managers experience a rebirth during Eagle Manager's Retreat each year. Many Eagles arrive at EMR ready to learn and leave ignited with a new spirit and energy to accomplish more than they imagined possible. 

During EMR, Forever Business Owners adopt a new outlook. They dive deeper into the strategies and mindsets that set them up for a strong future of acheivement in the Marketing Plan, earning Chairman's Bonus checks and building strongly rooted teams. 

To celebrate 40 years in business, Forever is proud to welcome this elite group of FBOs to the home of our company - Phoenix, Arizona - from October 7-13, 2018. 

If there was ever a time to become an Eagle Manager, this is it! Imagine going to the heart of the Forever business where Rex and the Executive Team call home. This is where Forever products come to life and where new policies and ideas are developed - an Eagle Manager's Retreat you don't want to miss!

In addition to the history and the spirit of the Home Office, Phoenix is also home to Forever Nutraceutical. Our 82,500 square foot manufacturing facility is the envy of the industry. Every year, we manufacture over 2 billion tablets, 20 million bottles, 2 million cases and over 5 million pounds of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vital nutrients, bioflavonoids and proteins. FN is just one more place you can experience Forever's dedication to quality - one of the many things that set us apart in the industry.

More About Phoenix 

Nestled in the northeastern part of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is a city where beauty beams through the setting sun over distant mountains, where the weather is nearly perfect year-round, except for those very hot summers, and where you can explore everything from nature to modern architecture. 

Deeply rooted in Native American culture, the city offers a vibrant history. But, it's also a blend of new age cultures. From the artistic streets of Downtown Phoenix to the trendy shops of Old Town Scottsdale, there is something for everyone to explore. 

Spend some time experiencing nature on Camelback Mountain, learn about the desert landscape at the Botanical Gardens, dive into the American Indian history at the Heard Museum or take in modern art on Roosevelt Row. 

2018 will be a great year to elevate your business and bring it home with Forever. 

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