EMR18 in Phoenix What You Need to Know

Celebrating 40 years in business has been a lot of fun, but perhaps the best fun is when it's spent with you at Forever's home in the USA! This year, we are thrilled to invite our esteemed Eagle Managers for training, celebration and networking in our home town of Phoenix, Arizona.

Every year, Eagle Manager's Retreat brings together FBOs from all over the world to learn about the power of aloe vera and our products, hear exciting announcements about the company and train on innovative business techniques and motivation that can bolster success for the rest of the year. They say the power of Eagle Manager is what it does for your business, which is why so many of our FBOs who qualify go on to achieve the Chairman's Bonus incentive! 

The Logistics 

EMR18 will be hosted at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, which is located in Scottsdale. The resort will host each group with spectacular amenities and restaurants for Eagles to play just as hard as they work. It will also serve as the locations for activities and training during their stay. 

Two groups will head to Phoenix for a few days for a training, tours of our Forever Home Office and Forever Nutraceutical, home of our nutritional supplement manufacturing, and the Forever Palooza, a Forever music festival to celebrate their achievements. 

Group 1 arrives the 7th of October and departs on the 10th. Countries who are part of this first group include: Argentina, Australia, Baltics, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, North America, Malaysia, Mongolia, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE and Ukraine. 

Group 2 arrives on the 10th of October and departs on the 13th. Countries who are part of this group include: Benelux, Brazil, Cameroon, DACH, DRC, Cote D’Ivoire, East Africa, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Nigeria, Romania, Senegal, South Africa, UK, Portugal and Vietnam. 


Training at EMR is the best you can possibly get. Global leaders not only travel to our EMR destination with very specific training topics designed especially for serious business builders, but they also are prepared to help new leaders emerge. EMR training is so exclusive because you have to be at a certain level of business volume to get there in the first place and once you're there, you're part of an elite crowd. 


It's no wonder that the power of Eagle Manager can be felt in the energy of the event. As soon as Eagles land and begin checking into their hotel, you will see them networking, catching up and sharing business stories almost immediately. These successful and passionate businesses owners are always on their game, taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from other leaders. 

A huge benefit of qualifying for this exclusive event is the ability to get closer to those at the top. Global Leadership Team members and other exceptional business leaders are more accessible to meet and talk with than at any other Forever event. Plus, the business conference style environment will give you a chance to talk business and really get down to the heart of what you need to know to be successful. 


Of course, we always aim to make our Global Events, well, magical. This year will be no exception. In the past, we've had discos, fiestas, toga parties and top deck cocktail parties, but this year we're adding a little something special to the mix and making it an experience you definitely won't forget with Forever Palooza - Forever's very own music festival.

Dress up as your favorite musician or genre of music and get ready to dance the night away with some classics. You'll feel like you walked right into Forever's own music city and what better way to celebrate 40 years, than dancing and singing the night away.  

More About Phoenix and Scottsdale

You can always expect the weather in Phoenix/Scottsdale to be perfect. Well into October, temperatures still tend to be warm with highs of about 90F/32C and comfortable mornings and evenings around 68F/20C. 

Just across the street from the beautiful Westin Kierland Resort, you'll find friendly and welcoming open-air shopping malls, like Kierland Commons. Stroll around the sunshine filled, dog-friendly stores or settle down at a cafe to sip on some spirits and enjoy the passersby. 

When you arrive in Phoenix, you'll notice it has the friendliest airport in the nation and the sunny skies will greet you with warmth and welcome. You can even expect the beautiful famous sunsets each night you're here. 

What more? Don't forget to catch a photo with the indigenous Saguaro Cactus that grows exclusively in the Sonoran Desert. These spiny, multi-armed cacti can grow to be 40 - 60 feet tall (12-18m) and can live to be 150 - 200 years old. Also, be aware, Arizona has very strict legal regulations about the species and has even outlawed harvesting, collecting and destroying these plants.  

Are you a qualifier this year? Head to our information page to learn what you need to do before arriving and other things you can expect during your stay: http://pages.foreverliving.com/emr18

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